Life update and 20 Weeks of Pregnancy

I swear when I last blogged I promised myself that I'd keep it updated more regularly than every three months...yet here we are - I haven't updated in fifteen months. 

So I'll briefly give you an update on what happened after that last blog post

Summer 2019

Me and my mother travelled to Dubrovnik in Croatia, and then Venice, Rome and Naples in Italy and went  to visit our family whilst we were out there. It was the most amazing trip ever and you can see photos from that trip here

We also then spent the hottest weekend in August at Leeds Festival where we saw some amazing bands like Foo Fighters, ADTR and Enter Shikari and got very drunk. It was great.


Me and Laura decided to get friendship tattoos in September, we got our area codes on our ribs - she got 0151 and I got 0161. I can honestly say that 9 minute tattoo was the worst pain of my life. 

I also finished the year by getting my half sleeve started...which I'm still yet to get finished. 

Autumn 2019

I had an incredible October/November too. I got my hair chopped and dyed which was a change. I spent my birthday at The Shankly Hotel in Liverpool and the night in Popworld which I obviously loved.

I got to see Andrea Bocelli too, which was one of the highlights of possibly my life

A Magical Christmas and New Year

So, not only did I get to spend my Christmas with my mum and my dad, my life actually changed incredibly just before Christmas. I realised at the works do, that the lad I worked with who had been grafting so much for me to go for a pint with him, I actually fancied quite a bit. 

You know I post a lot about my past relationships on here, and it's mostly been about how I've been massively hurt or manipulated and how I never wanted to be in that position again. I was determined I never wanted to be with anyone again. But I realised I was batting away someone who could potentially make me really, really happy all because I was terrified of being hurt again. 

So after admitting how much I liked him over Christmas and him obviously feeling the same, we went for a Nandos in January and I finished the day with a BOYFRIEND. And he's a dish if I do say so myself (See below). 

A global pandemic

Fast forward a few months...the year I fall in love and actually want to spend time with someone, a global pandemic hits us and puts a spanner in the works (not for my relationship, just life in general). 

The pandemic helped me in a sense, because I started a side hustle and it really picked up during lockdown and helped me keep my mental health in a good place when usually it would have massively rocked. 

... and SURPRISE!

Me and Lewis (oh that's my fellas name by the way, forgot to mention) obviously got a bit over excited when we came out of lockdown and...made a baby. 

That's right. I am pregnant. 

I was going to write a post at 12 weeks but I kept putting it off...


Finding out

At the end of June I started to feel weird...usual symptoms of coming on my period but I didn't usually eat as much as I was. Like I was honestly just eating everything I saw. 

Me and Lew panicked so we bought a test - we took it and it came up negative. So we were like phew! 

A few days later, I still didn't feel right. Lew had cooked me a meal, steak and loads of other nice bits and I just really went off the taste, which if you know me - is weird. That man can cook so not being into steak was just odd. 

On the Monday I still didn't feel right so I told him I was going to go to my mums and do another test after work, just for the reassurance. So I did, I tried the Clear Blue one and well, I don't think I actually wee'd enough on it because the test just didn't work. So I tried the cheaper one. 

I remember sitting on the loo staring at it whilst my mum was outside with the instruction sheet in her hand. "Mum, I don't know what it means. I'm confused" I said. 

"Well is there one line or two Jennie". 

"Oh there's definitely two". 

"Two! Well you're pregnant then Jennie". 


I then ran to her room and got Lew to FaceTime me. He knew straight away really. His face was a picture. I still can't believe I had to tell my boyfriend we were having a baby, over FaceTime, sat on my mam's bed. 

Telling my dad was even funnier. I just ran straight in and blurted it out. I just have a way of doing things, don't I. 

I expected our parents to actually be like, you've been together five minutes what the hell are you thinking, but they've been so supportive which has made this whole situation so much easier. 

We didn't actually tell many other people until about 9 weeks when we finally told my sister's and Lew's siblings. Their reactions were brilliant. I'm actually gutted we were in the middle of a lockdown though because I couldn't tell them how I would have dreamed to announce it - it was all over the phone to my sisters and Lew's sister, Ellie :(


I actually hate thinking about week 6 to week 16 of my pregnancy. I was sick first thing in the morning, then again during the morning at work and then struggled to eat the rest of the day and felt nauseous and then was sick again after my tea and sometimes in the night! 

No one warns you about it. Especially if you've never thought of being pregnant before. I thought morning sickness would be like a little bit of throwing up in the morning and then I'd feel good again. I thought it would pass after like a week. Wow, am I dumb. TEN WEEKS I HAD IT. 

The first scan

As we're going through this during a pandemic, being pregnant is a lot harder than usual. The biggest thing is being that your partner can't come to any of your NHS scans with you or be there for the beginning of your labour. 

With this in mind, me and Lew booked an early scan at 10 weeks, privately, so that we could both experience seeing our baby together for the first time. 

It was honestly such a relief to see that the baby was actually there and had a heartbeat. 

Twelve week scan

I had my first NHS scan a couple of weeks later. Lew wasn't allowed to come to this one so he just waited outside for me (for an hour and a half). 

It was amazing to see how much our little baby had grown in a matter of weeks. A proper little chubster. 

Finding out the sex 

Being the impatient person I am, and also wanting Lew to be with me when we found out, we booked another private scan when I was about 14 weeks to find out the gender. Seeing how much the baby was wriggling inside me was one of the cutest things ever and we even got a video of the baby giving us a wave. 

We decided to get scratch cards to find out the sex. We both wanted a boy to be honest. I think a lot of people have a preference and I always envisioned having a boy first because I always wanted an older brother, however I was going to be happy just to have a healthy baby. 

Well we did the scratch card and it revealed we were in fact having a baby girl. A little Jennie. God help us haha! 

Now its sunk in, I'm super excited to have a little best mate. I can't wait to watch Disney films with her and take her to Popworld when she's old enough. I'm buzzing to see how much she's going to love her dad too. I guarantee she will be Daddy's little princess. Her name's been chosen since right at the beginning to be honest and it's such a cute name. I can't wait to meet her.

20 Week Scan

I'm now 21 weeks and last week I had my 20 week scan at the hospital. Again, I was alone. I was worried about this because I was hearing a lot about how people were finding problems at 20 weeks and finding out alone and I just started to think the worst. 

The scan actually went fairly well. It took a while though. She had me rolling myself over, running on the spot and jumping up and down to try and get our baby girl to stop being awkward, but of course she is Lewis' child so she was going to be awkward and so I have to go back in a week or so to finish the checks as she wasn't able to view her bottom area. 

I'm currently feeling amazing to be honest. If it wasn't for my bad back and the little kicking flutters in my belly, I wouldn't even know I'm pregnant. Oh and of course the bump that's appearing. She's definitely already huge. With Lew being 6ft7 and me being 5ft2 I'm genuinely looking forward to seeing who she's going to take after size wise! 

I wasn't going to blog about all this to be honest, but I thought considering I've had my blog since I was 16 and documented massive milestones in my life - new jobs, break ups, losing loved ones - why would I not want to document the most exciting milestone that's yet to happen to me? 

Let's be honest, you probably won't hear from me for a few months. I promise to update it before my due date on the 4th of March (personally hope she's late as I don't want her born on an even number because I'm a big weirdo). 

Lots of love

Jennie x