How social media is ruining my generation

I think I forgot how to blog.

Nearly seven months without a post - I bet you thought I was gone for good- nope, here I am, I'm back. Expecting an update on my life? Not today guys, I thought I'd write about something that is really getting to me at the moment. How social media is ruining us.

Sounds mad really, writing about social media being bad for us whilst I'm on social media? Exactly.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat - most of us have it.This post is mainly aimed at people like me. I'm fully aware that the older generation have social media but they don't quite work it like us - my mum literally thought she had to like every single persons post that came up on her feed because they might get offended. 

Fake. Happy. Lives. 
How often do we post about the arguments we have with our partners? The bitching behind our "perfect" friendship group? Not very often. We capture and we write and we share and we exaggerate every little moment of our lives to point that people are wanting to be you, thriving for the relationship you have with your boyfriend just because you wrote a few nice words on social media. I'm not saying I don't do this - I have done - I still do. It's what seems natural in our technology-booming lives - we just want people to want to be like us - we want to be liked, literally.

Is anyone unique anymore? 
We post tweets that we've seen from someone else's twitter. We could be feeling down and we'll feel more down from someone else's tweet because it 'relates' to your situation. There is a certain criteria you have to meet now-a-days to be accepted by society and we all want to be like that. So where is our personality? Because I truly believe if we don't stop this we'll all be morphed into the same person - where's the fun in that?!

Who's heard of the term 'psycho girl'? Most people my age will have and most people will have been called one and most people will be one, apparently. But where did this stupid term come from? Social media. Did our parents and grandparents have the struggle of being a psycho girl or having a psycho girlfriend? Highly unlikely, because there was no social media back when they were dating. These days us girls have gained the mentality that our boyfriend speaking to another female is cheating, liking a photo is cheating - this isn't healthy, this is toxic and we need to stop it before the next generation take it further.

We're growing up too quickly
I'm seeing girls as young as 15 looking ridiculously old. Dressing like they're 25. Going out to clubs with fake ID. Being 'liked' by lads 15 years older than them and it's worrying! When I was 15 I was sneaking off to field parties with my mums bacardi in a water bottle - but these days kids are acting like adults, doing adult things and missing out on some of the most exciting years of their lives. I'd absolutely hate the idea of my nieces being 15 and going out clubbing looking 10 years older. Just enjoy your youth whilst you can - being an adult is stress, bills, long hours and more stress.

Toxic relationships
Going back to relationships. We're honestly envying online couples. How sad is it that we want a relationship that looks like an Instagram photo? Where is the love and where is the romance but most of all where is the privacy?! It's so easy these days to know whats going on in everyone's love life. A few years ago I posted SO much on my relationship and it was all a LIE. I wanted to be happy so I acted happy - I made out like I had the best relationship ever and it just wasn't. But the unhealthy thing is I had people JEALOUS of the relationship I was in and that honestly makes me sick because that just shows how powerful your online profile is over other young peoples lives.

Body envy
Instagram, the platform of beautiful, perfectly proportioned, tanned  goddesses. The amount of people I know that want to look like one of these girls is crazy (me being one of them), however 9/10 times their bodies and faces don't look like that. That stat was 100% not true, I haven't done a survey but my point is that a lot of these photos are edited. With all these apps that can make you look better - they're going to be used. Facetune wouldn't be about anymore if nobody used it. But us girls all seem to want to look the same - big bums, long legs, tanned skins and a flat tum.

We're all craving the bodies of girls that them, themselves don't have these bodies! We all know how to edit, we all know how to pose and we all seem to know the right angles.

Social media is killing the way we live. We're the generation that grew up with Furbies, Tamagotchis, Bratz dolls and Super Mario. We deserve more than being hooked to social media and damaging our mental health.

What's good? If it was all bad we wouldn't use it would we? I thought about this today and if I didn't have social media I wouldn't have met my boyfriend, I wouldn't have met my best mate Laura, I wouldn't have this blog, I wouldn't have raised a lot of money for climbing some mountains. It's a great place for discovery and it's a great place for people to discover you and what you offer - but it most certainly isn't everything you're about. It's a great place to look back at memories and it's a place to stay in touch with people from far away but don't allow it to keep you away from what's happening now. What would you see right now if you weren't looking at your screen? If I stayed on my phone the entire bus journey to work I'm sure I'd miss a few of the dogs I see - not worth it. See it as the front cover and the blurb of your book but don't let it be the full novel, save that. 

I aim to stop social media ruining my life from now on.

lots of love

p.s the image has no reference to the blog post, but I went to Croatia and I haven't wrote about it yet so it can be a teaser of what's yet to come. Ciao for now.