How to get a bikini body

Well, I definitely chose that title because I'm pretty sure that's good for SEO. If you've come to this post to read lots of tips and tricks to lose lots of weight in a month, by dieting and working through a very strict and terrifying workout plan, you've come to the wrong place. If you've come to find a few ways to boost your confidence when on holiday by doing a few things different before you go away then read on!

Going on a beach holiday is a wonderful thing - sun, sea, sand, cocktails, food etc. As I spend 95% of the year in full clothing, the thought of bikinis sends a wrenching feeling to my stomach.

I've never been confident with my body. I'm not overweight but I don't have a body like Kylie Jenner therefore I don't class my body as good enough to wear a bikini and prance around a pool in minimal clothing, even if I know nobody there. Because although the only person I actually know on holiday is my boyfriend, pictures need to be taken and uploaded to all social media accounts and I would rather not look like Mrs Blobby when posting said holiday spam.

I decided to take it upon myself to try and sort my body out and although I will not be 100% happy with my body, I can already see a lot of improvements.

An area I'm really not happy with is my thighs. I have a lot of cellulite because to cut a long story short I eat a lot of rubbish and although said rubbish may be tasty, it also contributes to a woman's biggest fear - orange peel skin. I never really took care of my body anyway, barely ever moisturising so I suffer from a lot of dry skin and don't even get me started on exfoliating - I am far too lazy for that. So as I said in my last post, I bought myself a Dry Brush from I've started just giving myself a brush down (like you would to a dog to get rid of malting fur) just before I go for a shower and when I've come out of the shower, tah-dah I am now a soft-skinned. I still have cellulite. This brush isn't really magic, but I can see that my thighs are improving and if I keep on top of it hopefully the cellulite will eventually be less noticeable.

So, the next thing on my agenda was actually losing a little bit of weight, because although my BMI states I'm a good weight, I have excess fat in areas I wish I didn't so exercise was needed. I got told to try the Focus T25. It sounded pretty terrifying if I'm honest, however I've suddenly started to enjoy exercise - and I sweat a lot too whilst doing it which makes me feel like I'm actually getting somewhere and motivates me to do more. I only do 3 of these exercises a week as I think I would give up too easily doing five but they really are making me feel fitter already.

Having the right clothing has benefited also. Before I started my job with this fitness brand, I had no clue why anyone would spend more than £10 on some leggings to work out in. Now I know the benefits of compression clothing and so I bought myself some of these bad boys. The Virus Stay Cool Compression Pants. They increase the blood circulation whilst I'm working out so that my muscle recovery time is a lot quicker which is useful as usually I put off doing any sort of exercise when my muscles hurt which is a complete waste of time. I now barely get any muscle aches at all. If you want 10% off at Virus Performance UK type in the code WREN10 at the checkout.

I haven't changed my eating habits as such - I just refrain from eating a lot of chocolate which surprisingly is easy for me as I only ever eat it when it's near me.  I eat a banana in the morning when I get to work which stops me from snacking on rubbish throughout the morning too.

Clothing on holiday can actually make you feel more chubbier than you are and that's why I try and be really careful with what I buy. Have a look at my Holiday Essentials post as I bought a few things that make me feel quite confident about my body. Sometimes when holiday shopping, it's hard to find something that will suit your shape because a lot of the time the clothing is modeled on slimmer girls. If you buy something online, only keep it if it genuinely makes you feel happy to wear.

Another tip that will make you feel happier in your body is actually starting to pamper yourself. A foot mask, face mask, nice hairstyle, getting your nails done will honestly make you feel happier to be you. Don't by any means do this for anybody else other than yourself.

As I stated I am no expert when it comes to feeling confident. In fact, I have to fake it until I make it because self-confidence is hard to get when we live in a world full of judgmental people. At the end of the day if you are happy with your body, nobody else's opinion matters. Cellulite and thicker thighs should not be tackled for other people's sake. If you are happy with your body like this, or any other way - keep it! I unfortunately lack a lot of confidence with these areas in particular and that's why I want to change them to make myself happy - nobody else.

If you're going on holiday, enjoy it.

lots of love
Jennie x 


  1. I'm not sure I could afford to spend that much on leggings like the ones in your link but I do see the advantageous of getting pretty ones. I tried some on in TKMaxx yesterday and they were gorgeous, it was like a disco had exploded on them! I also moisturise rarely, I always forget. I think I should get some of that spray stuff!
    Amy at Amy & More

    1. I was thinking of getting some of that Vaseline moisturising spray! x