Holiday Essentials Haul

In case you weren't aware I'm off on my jollies in less than a month so of course I've spent most of my wages on holiday essentials (clothes etc.) I've not finished with the holiday shop yet but I thought I'd give you a nosy of what I've bought so far.


A few months ago I bookmarked tons of clothes on my browser so that once I had enough money to spend on clothes I could go through them all and pick what I still loved. When I clicked on this dress I was in love straight away. It's from Motel Rocks and originally was over £30 but when I went back to it there was one size left and only one of that size and guess what? It was my size! Oh, and to put the cherry on top it had been reduced to £10 - fate or what? I love the quirkiness of Motel Rocks designs and I really loved this one. It's kind of grungy and I try (but usually fail) to have that sort of look going on.

When my mum went away in January we went holiday shopping for her clothes and we ended up in Matalan. Now Matalan is not a place I usually shop in but I was pleasantly surprised. I locked eyes with a White Kaftan and it was love at first sight. It was £10 but I had no reason to buy it in January so I left it. Well lucky me, I went online last week and they were still in stock so of course I bought one.

Shorts were next to buy on the agenda. I tried to see if I could fall in love with a pair from somewhere other than Topshop but I didn't succeed. I originally wanted some Black Ripped Mom Denim Shorts (grungy theme going on) but my size was not available and I wasn't going to chance fitting into a smaller size because let's be honest that wouldn't of  worked. I did manage to get some MOM shorts but they are blue denim rather than black - I'm okay with that though! I am yet to try them on so my opinion could drastically change - follow me on Twitter and I'm sure I'll post my reaction.

Swimming costumes, bikinis, tankinis, mankinis...this is where I struggle. I'm not very confident at all when it comes to wearing minimal clothing and I'm sure I'm not the only one. I spent hours trying to find something I liked. I decided to go for a swimming costume (although I will take a bikini) too as I just feel a little bit more comfortable in them. I ended up going for this one from Very for just over £20 (I got a bit of a discount through my dad's student discount). It's a tummy control one and I've tried it on and I'm surprisingly quite comfortable in it. It looks nice with my kaftan too!

Shoes, shoes, shoes. So I usually just wear Birkenstocks for my entire holiday but I thought I'd go for a change this time. After perusing on ASOS for a long, long time I decided I wanted a pair of flat, beach type sandals for the day and some cute, comfortable heels for the evening time. The flat's I bought were some white, comfy looking sandals and they looked so nice on the model, really simple and would look great with a cute nail colour on the toes. I've tried them on and oh my goodness, they're so comfortable! It usually takes my feet a while to break in shoes but these were just really, really comfortable!

The heels I went for were these tan heels with cute, lil' tassles round the ankles. I don't usually go for this style. I'm surprised I've barely bought any black clothing to be honest. These just stood out for me and looked comfy, yet gave me a bit of height and I've tried them on since and they live up to the standards I had expected them to be!


My skin needs serious work when it comes to this time of year. I'm really uncomfortable with showing my legs because I really don't like them. I decided to buy this dry brush to try and tackle cellulite. I have less than a month to tackle it so I don't expect a miracle but I hope it helps a little bit!

Whilst shopping on I thought I'd buy some of my travel sized things so that I had them. I love John Frieda hair products so decided to buy the shampoo and conditioner for brunettes. Currently my hair is brown with a bit of an auburn tone to it but I'm going to get it dyed chocolate brown by the end of the month so that's why I thought this shampoo and conditioner would be a pretty good choice!

I also bought a travel sized sun cream because I seriously burn so badly and just end up looking like a tomato rather than a bronzed goddess.

I think that my feet are my least nurtured part of my body and surprisingly they're my least favourite part of my body. I suffer from dry skin on my feet thanks to great genetics from my parents. THANKS MUM AND DAD. I thought I would take the plunge and buy a FOOT MASK. A mask for feet. I bought this foot mask from Lush because anything Lush creates gives me confidence that something miraculous will occur on my body - my feet will be nice. I am finally going to give my feet the love and affection they truly deserve and then maybe they will look good on holiday with the ridiculous amounts of shoes I'm taking with me.

I also purchased a this new nail polish. I was definitely thinking 'what will look good with a tan' then after purchasing I realised 'oh, I don't tan!' so hopefully this shade will look equally as nice on pale/tomato skin.

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lots of love

Jennie x 


  1. I'm gonna have a look at the shoes and swimming costume you got because I'm going away in July and know I'll be panicking about what to take, I'm so bad when it comes to choosing clothes! Just followed on instagram, I only got it recently so I'm still finding my way round it! x
    Amy at Amy & More

    1. I'm usually really bad at choosing clothes! I think I've done well this time. Which shoes are you going to look at? Both are really comfy! Thank you for following me on Instagram, I followed back! x

  2. I'm gonna have a look at the shoes and swimming costume you got because I'm going away in July and know I'll be panicking about what to take, I'm so bad when it comes to choosing clothes! Just followed on instagram, I only got it recently so I'm still finding my way round it! x
    Amy at Amy & More

  3. I am literally in the same boat with shorts atm! I have tried everywhere but Topshop trying to find a decent pair that don't cost a fortune but no luck yet.. I think I'll just resort to Topshop as the one's you got were lovely! I'm excited to see if you like them! Also love those flats from ASOS! :)

    Can't wait to see what you get up to!

    Tania | teabee x

    1. The shorts fit me really well and I'm so glad I stuck with Topshop because the quality and fit is so good! I used to have a pair of just high-waisted ones but they were too tight and I didn't think they were very flattering. These are perfect for me and I feel really comfortable in them and not self-conscious that my bum cheeks will be on display haha!

      Thank you for taking the time to comment! x

  4. Have a lovely holiday!