How to defeat a bad day

Today has not been a good day.

1) It's Monday.

2) A hefty phone bill came out of my account which made me overdrawn.

3) I am now poor and it isn't even properly half way through the month yet. Woo, fun times.

4) I had a driving lesson (this is actually positive but relevant to next point).

5) Because of said driving lesson, I had 2 less hours of work.

6) Some would see less time at work as a positive but this meant less time to do things.

7) Then I couldn't get the new Mac to work which meant more wasted time.

8) Then I ate. More wasted time.

9) Then there was NO time left (a bit of exaggerating; I obviously mean little time) which equals STRESS.

10) Stress makes me sad.

11) I was then sad.

12) I still haven't had my tea which means I should be really sad however because of my brilliant tips that I'm going to share with you in a moment I have defeated the sadness!!!


Go home. (or your happy place, but most of these tips will only work at home).


Speak about your problems. So I'm really lucky because on my journey home I got to talk to my boyfriend and my mum about my issues and then I came home and got to speak to them to my dad too. It's good to speak because you get a lot of reassurance from the people you love.


Put on something comfy that makes you feel happy. I am currently in my favourite Frozen pyjamas and a Christmas jumper. Yes, a Christmas jumper in March.


Have a cup of tea. Vital.


Watch something that makes you happy. For me this was an episode of TOWIE because what's a better way to cheer yourself up than really bad TV. Nothing.


Listen to some great music and sing a little, or a lot. Even if your dad tells you to be quiet because you're giving him a headache (not a real headache, one of those over-dramatic, non-existent headaches people pretend they can get when they hear bad singing), you continue to belt out that Britney Spears song you used to pretend you could sing really well when you were 10 and still secretly think you can sing it really well. Britney classics equals happiness.


Eat. Currently haven't got this far but I shall soon be scoffing a homemade lasagne and this will increase the happiness level.


Go to bed. And go to sleep because tomorrow is a new day and it won't be as bad. Be positive, smile and hug a teddy if you want to.

lots of love
Jennie x