How I made my sleep better

For a while now I've been struggling to sleep, especially at my mum's house. If you didn't know last February my mum's house got robbed and since then (even though she's moved) I've struggled sleeping when I'm at her house. About a month ago I just could not sleep at all, at 3am I ended up getting up and walking back to my dad's to sleep there because I was that stressed out about it. 

Over the Christmas period when I had time off work I was staying up until like 1am, maybe later, most nights and wasn't waking up until 9/10 in the morning. The week after when I knew I had to get into my usual routine because I had to be up for work at 7 I decided to purchase some sleep spray to try and help me.

After reading many reviews I decided to buy myself This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray. At £16 for 75ml I was a little weary at first but the reviews I read said that it really does work so I had to try it myself.

I tried it at home first (my dad's) because although I got a better sleep here I still was struggling to be tired at a reasonable time because I messed up my sleeping pattern over Christmas. After using it for the first time I begun to feel more relaxed quite quickly after getting into bed and soon found myself ready to sleep.

A few days later I tried it at my mum's house. When I'd been staying at her's recently I was actually worried about when I would have to go to bed because I just knew I wouldn't be able to sleep. After putting it off for ages, I sprayed lots of the spray on my pillow and blanket and got into bed. I honestly drifted off so quickly and woke up the next day feeling fresh after a peaceful sleep with NO nightmares.

Last weekend, I stayed in Wales for a night and I didn't use the spray for the first time in nearly a month. I didn't intentionally not use it, I just fell asleep before I had the chance to spray it. My sleep that night was horrendous, I had a horrific nightmare relating to my mum's house and it really just freaked me out. I woke up 3/4 times in the night and found it really hard to get back to sleep.

I think that's a pretty positive review about this spray. I'm so happy I purchased it and it will definitely continue to be part of my nighttime routine now because it really has benefit me.

lots of love
Jennie x 

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  1. This sounds great. I've always struggled with sleeping so I'm willing to try anything! Sorry to hear about your mums house being burgled though - how awful for you all. If this helps relax you then it's 100% worth the £16!
    Laura x FloraLooTwo