Being healthy in 2016!

If you read my 2016 new years resolutions post, you'll know that being healthier was one of things I wanted to achieve this year. Lucky for me Aqua Pura, a brand of natural mineral water, got in touch to help me start 2016 healthy! 

Water is extremely important for your body. I was unaware that I was actually becoming dehydrated because I take a bottle of water to work everyday and just sip it throughout the day but the other week I was experiencing heart palpitations out of the blue - I had nothing to be scared of or worried about so I was really confused. After a good ol' google of my symptoms I quickly realised that I was actually dehydrated!

Aqua Pura gave me an awesome challenge to help me start 2016 with more water put into my lifestyle. Here are their top tips:

Begin by finding a brave friend to start this next chapter with - having some friendly support (and a bit of healthy competition!) should help. 

Amazing 70% of the body is made up of water and you need to drink around 6-8 glasses a day to stay hydrated. 

Take the stairs, walk to work or even go to a few classes at your local gym. Find new ways to incorporate exercise into your daily routine. 

Self-motivate! Don't go for a complete lifestyle overhaul on day one. Set yourself achievable goals that you can aim for and conquer, changing your routine one step at a time. 

Eat a good breakfast every day - try to get up ten minutes earlier in the new year so that you have time to enjoy a healthy breakfast before dashing out of the door.

Snack wisely - if you're feeling a little peckish between mealtimes, grab some unsalted mixed nuts, chopped raw vegetables or dried fruit and wash it all down with a glass of water! 

Enjoy your surroundings - get to know your local area or reacquaint yourself with nature by going on regular walks.

Try something new - as well as cutting out some of your bad habits, introduce some new and exciting recipes and hobbies and see what works best for you and your lifestyle. 

Moderation is key - don't be strict on yourself that you ban everything you enjoy, but be sure to stay healthy as much as possible so that you deserve the occasional treat. 

Tackle things head on - challenge the negatives in your life and see if you can start the New Year without them. 

So, how did I find the challenge?

I told my work colleague of the challenge and she has been constantly encouraging me to keep hydrated at work. I definitely think having someone egg me on during the day at work, when you can be the most forgetful of drinking any, is a great way to start this challenge.
I don't think I've drank as much as I should be but I'm definitely on my way. I would say I've drank maybe 4/5 glasses of water a day, which is loads more than I used to.
I already walk to work so this was already part of my routine but I've even been walking home and back for my dinner and I've been fitting in a couple of work outs in the morning too.
One thing that I haven't been doing is eating a good breakfast but I've actually motivated myself and bought some porridge oats and bananas so I'm looking forward to a lovely breakfast every morning before work so my stomach isn't growling at 10:30!

I've also noticed that my skin has gotten a little bit better. My face has been really really spotty for a while now and I've become quite self conscious about it but since drinking more water they've been clearing up. My sleep has been loads better and I've found going to sleep is a lot more easier than it had been. I always keep some water by my bed so that if I wake up dehydrated in the night I always have some on hand for me.

Try the challenge for yourself and let me know how it goes on!

lots of love
Jennie x 


  1. Yay you go girl! :)) i too promised to drink more water when the year changed. I downloaded a drinking reminder app but that only annoyed me :D but a reminder buddy, that might work!
    Thanks for the lovely read <3
    Emma xxx

    www.wellemma com

  2. I started a water challenge myself at the start of the year by aiming for 2/3 bottles of water a day and I've noticed such a difference in myself now. It was a real struggle at first but now I'm happily gulping down the water and I've got a lot more energy throughout the day. A healthy body = a healthy mind and I've found I've definitely had better mental health since I've started drinking water and exercise. This challenge sounds really good, I love the idea of going for walks around the area and trying new hobbies!
    Becky; xxx