2016 New Years Resolutions

Looking back at my 2015 Bucket List I laughed as I realised I merely achieved six of them. When I finished 2014 I didn't know I was going to be unemployed for half of the year so I wasn't aware I wouldn't be able to afford to do some of the things on my bucket list. I also was very lazy in 2015, so that's got to change. This year I'm going to set some realistic goals for myself.

I am actually currently looking for a driving instructor in my area and will be starting this month. I'm so excited to learn to drive as it will give me a whole new sense of freedom. I'll be able to drive to see Ellis whenever I want, not having to rely on bus times, and I'll be able to go on days out not having to rely on if I can get a lift to the location!

I have some actual trainers now so I can't waste £37 can I? Me and Ellis are off to Lanzarote at the beginning of May so I want to be in good shape by then so that I don't feel self-conscious in dresses and bikinis whilst I'm away. I also want to start eating better. I definitely don't eat enough vegetables and I really want to start eating meals with vegetables in that I actually enjoy. I also really need to start drinking more water so I'm going to start off with trying to drink a litre a day and then try and up it by drinking two litres a day. Baby steps is what it takes!

As I just mentioned I'm going to Lanzarote in May with Ellis, and yes I've been there before but we only went for a few days and we didn't get to see as much as I had hoped so this time we're going for a full week and will be making the most of our time there. I've also semi-booked a trip to Santorini at the end of October for me and Ellis as it's such a gorgeous place and we really want a holiday for the end of the year just before it's Christmas time. I really love my job so I can't see my financial side to be changing in a negative way so I know I will be seeing more of the world now!

I really am a spender but I've spent the last few months splurging and now I think it's time to start saving. I have two holidays to save for, a car, a music festival and also I need to start saving for Christmas earlier on. I've just got to take into account that if I save it can lead me to having bigger and better things.

I definitely became a more positive person in 2015 and in 2016 I want to spread some of that happiness to my family and friends. Whether that means just being there to chat to and giving some good advice or treating them to something special when they least expect it. It's nice to just make somebody happy when they're going through a tough time.

As you can see I've not made a huge list of unrealistic goals but I've made some that I really think I can achieve throughout the year.

lots of love

Jennie x 


  1. A lot of your goals are very similar to mine. Best of luck x

    Erin | beingerin.com

  2. I'm excited to save more money this year that I even set a specific amount! Good luck on learning to drive! It's fun. The one thing I will always remember was what my uncle taught me: the cars on the road don't want to hit you, and you don't want to hit them.

    Arianne | Ayre