What I got for Christmas 2015

Once again, I was super lucky at Christmas time and got treated to some amazing things. Some "very Jen" things, which is always good. Before I put everything away or use everything I thought I'd write a post on them all! Instead of saying who they're from I'm just going to split them into categories.


This year I was lucky enough to receive two electronic items! The first one I got was an iPad Mini 2 and I LOVE it so much. I wanted one because my phone can only hold a certain amount of apps and music and as I love downloading apps I wanted to be able to have loads of different ones. I also find it great to watch TV shows on there rather than on my iPhone 6 and I've got into playing games on it too! The second electronic item was an Oral B Pro 4000 toothbrush as I've wanted one for ages but it's not something I wanted to spend my own money on buying. I'm just waiting on a plug adapter (it has a 2-pin plug) to arrive so I can start using it and get real nice teeth, just in time for my dentist appointment in the new year!


This year I got a lot of beauty-related items which I'm super happy about because I'm really getting back into my love of make up again and also want to start reviewing beauty products on here again.

I was so happy to receive the Urban Decay Gwen Stefani palette - it is beautiful. I have already experimented with it and all the shadows are so pigmented, really easy to blend and just amazing. I was given a Selfridges voucher so quickly spent that online and bought myself the MAC Sin lipstick and MAC Please Me in the Magic of the Night gorgeous purple packaging - love. I also received a Debenhams gift card and also quickly spent that online too! I bought myself the Origins Clear Improvement Pore Cleansing Mask as my skin is horrendous at the moment and I wanted something luxurious to make it better. I was also super happy to receive the Real Techniques Starter Set (the eye one) and now I have a full set of eye make up brushes which I'm happy about because now I can go cray with eye make up.

Bath and Body

Everyone who knows me knows that I love a good bath. I got a full bag of Lush Bath Bombs which is like a dream come true because I really don't like the Lush gift sets because they usually come with only 1/2 good things and the rest never get used so I was super happy that my Dad got me a bag full of my favourite Lush Bath Bombs, including Frozen, Golden Wonder and the Yoga Bomb! I also received loads of Molton Brown stuff including a set of Hand Creams and a set that came with a wash bag and some lovely bath things! I also received a gift set that included a Shea Butter set for very dry/dry skin which I'm really happy about because my skin is so dry and I LOVE Shea butter! I also received a cute snowman bath set too, which smells so nice!


I received some cool pyjamas with donuts all over them (sadly left them at my mum's house)! I also received a really comfy pair of slippers which I've been living in since recieving them - they're so nice!


I bought my sisters a "One Line A Day" book and kept saying around the house that I wish I'd got myself one. I must have hinted very well because I got one too! I love the idea of writing a line everyday for 5 years and being able to see what I was doing or thinking a year before or five years before last. I also got the coolest Build-A-Bear ever. It's a FROZEN one and I literally love it - it even sings(!!!) - scares me though when I forget it does that and I accidentally press the button. I also received a TEAPOT. I feel like such an old woman getting a teapot for Christmas but it's SO cool and tea tastes so good and it just looks amazing. To go with my tea pot I also received a French Bulldog mug by my favourite homeware designer Ben De Lisi and I LOVE it. It's sadly unavailable to photograph right now.

I had a wonderful Christmas and really enjoyed spending the day with my family and eating very nice, burnt, late food. Oh yeah mum that was a dig at you! I hope everyone had a great Christmas!

lots of love

Jennie x 


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