The best things about Christmas

Christmas time is by far my favourite time of year and with less than two weeks until Christmas day and because my Christmas tree is finally up, I thought it would be a great time to share a Christmassy post with you all! Here's what I love about Christmas time!

Christmas Trees and Christmas Lights
One of my favourite things about Christmas is everywhere looking Christmassy! Today I walked into my house and my Christmas tree had been put up! I actually got that excited I jumped and made it nearly fall over! I just love all the tinsel and all the lights. I'm particularly fond of Christmas lights. Where I live not many people bother decorating their outdoors with Christmas lights but where Ellis lives his house and his whole estate is just full of lit up buildings and it makes me soooo happy when I go round!

Christmas Shopping
I really loved shopping for Christmas presents this year. I bought them the last week of November and relaxed whilst doing it so I won't be stressed out on Christmas eve buying everyone's presents!

Wrapping Presents
I've also already wrapped all of the presents I've bought because usually I would get so bored doing it and would hate wrapping them on Christmas Eve, but I've wrapped them all already and enjoyed it!

I have literally just been living on my laptop, watching Vlogmas this year. I particularly love Tanya Burr's, Zoella's, Velvetgh0st's, Lily Melrose and Sammi Maria's!

Christmas Films
Although I don't usually watch the Christmas films until the days before Christmas, I've already sneaked in Elf this year and I have many more I want to watch. I've already been told by my nephew and nieces that I have to watch Polar Express and Frozen on Christmas Day. Fine by me.

The German Markets
I love going to Manchester at Christmas time, cosied up in a big coat, hat and gloves and spending an evening at the Christmas markets. I haven't been yet but I may go this week because I need to have some Banana and Nutella pancakes!

Spending time with loved ones
This is my favourite thing. I love that over Christmas we all get to take time off work and just spend so much time and be happy with the closest people to us. I love how excited my nephew and niece's are going to be on Christmas day, I can't wait to be a big kid with them!

What do you love about Christmas?

lots of love

Jennie x


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