My 2015 Highlights

As I welcomed in the New Year with my cup of tea last year, I really believed 2015 was going to be brilliant. 2014 ended pretty well so I just assumed it would continue into 2015, oh boy was I wrong.

2015 hasn't been great. There's been tears, I've been ill probably 25% of the year and it's just been overall a dramatic year (for me). We got robbed, Dave Grohl broke his leg and I had a tooth infection that felt like it lasted for half a year. I was going to write a hefty few paragraphs on this post about all the not-so-great things that have happened to me this year but why bother? No year will be perfect and I sure as hell have not suffered as much as those affected by all the evil in the world. I am lucky to still be entering 2016 and so I shall focus on all the great things that happened this year. 

I went on an awesome family holiday in February. We went to Playa Blanca in Lanzarote and Ellis and I had to get ourselves to the airport, get ourselves on a plane and get ourselves to a completely different island. We did it and I loved it. That holiday also made me face a few fears. I swam in the sea, well I tried to swim and attempted not to drown. I swam in a pool, with loads of people around it - facing the fear of being very self conscious about my body! I sung Let It Go on karaoke in front of loads of people. I've always wanted to do karaoke because it looked like so much fun but I just never felt confident enough - I managed it after a margarita though (not the pizza)! 

In April I left my job. It was too far away for me to commute everyday on the tram and I wanted something closer to home. I spent the rest of the Summer focusing on my own self, well-being and making my blog better. 

In May, I changed my hair. I had wanted ombre hair for ages and with both Ellis' parents being hairdressers I was in great hands and finally got it done. I love having ombre so much and I feel like it's brought out a completely different side of me. Who knew hair could do that? 

Although Dave Grohl broke his leg, I managed to see Foo Fighters at Old Trafford just before the accident! It was amazing, obviously, and it will be a night I will treasure for the rest of my life. 

In June, my Dad took me for a day out in Macclesfield, which was great. I got to go and visit my grandma's memorial stone, give her some peonies and eat some delicious food after walking around the place all day! 

After being robbed, it put us all on edge and made us really dislike the place my mum lived at. Thankfully, she moved to a gorgeous house round the corner (literally, round the corner) from my house and I'm so happy she's there. I can go round to see her whenever I want and it means I don't have to lug around a load of stuff with me every time I stay. 

Finally my boyfriend Ellis turned 18 and in Ellis-style he got, should I say VERY DRUNK to celebrate turning this ripe, old age. Now we get to go for cocktails together and it's the best! 

In August we finally got to take a trip to Anglesey. To me it was my favourite one because we had very minimal internet so I lost contact with the internet world for a few days and was able to just relax and take in the beautiful places that we went to. 

We had a great year at Leeds once again. The weather was gorgeous for the whole weekend so we weren't moody for once, hurrah! However, the bands this year weren't that great for the first day. The Saturday and Sunday had some great bands though, All Time Low, Bastille, Alt-J, Mumford and Sons, Bring Me The Horizon, Royal Blood and Metallica! I'm already excited for 2016's Leeds!

Me and Ellis both got offered jobs at the same time - which was definitely fate. I am now so happy in the job I do and it's literally down the road from me. I love it! I also love the money, of course. 

I felt like a 14 year old scene girl but yes, we totally queued up and met BMTH in HMV and I hugged Oli Sykes. I also then cried. Definitely not grown up enough not to get starstruck yet. 

Harry started primary school in September. I can't believe he's 5 now and in the same primary school that I went to. It's crazy! 

I turned 19 and celebrated well. I keep forgetting I'm 19 though. When I was asked to enter my age on Frozen Free Fall I definitely wrote 18 and didn't bother to change it. I don't feel older. I feel the same as I have done for the past 5 months or so. BUT I'M 20 NEXT YEAR, yelp. 

I happily celebrated three years with the person who has affected my life so much. What a great three years we have had! 

I had a great Christmas and this year, I really tried hard to get everyone presents that were very thought-out so when they opened them and saw what they'd got it gave me a fuzzy feeling in my heart. 

Although this year has been a struggle, I am going to enter 2016 with a smile on my face and be positive for whatever the year holds for me and the people I love.

Let me know the highlights of your 2015! See you next year! 

lots of love

Jennie x 

Christmas Treats

One of my favourite things about the Christmas season is definitely the food. We all just pig out throughout the Christmas week because we "know" we're going to become super healthy and fit on the 1st of January. Every single year we buy so much food at Christmas, thinking that we will wake up on Christmas morning and eat Christmas inspired breakfasts and that our guests are going to want to eat ten different desserts after they've just eaten their own body-weight in Turkey, Roast Potatoes and of course, pigs in blankets, when in reality we wake up Christmas day and by the time we've opened our presents we go straight into preparing the Christmas dinner that there simply is no time to eat Christmas tree crumpets or brioche and after we have our Christmas dinner nobody has room in their belly to eat any of the many Christmas desserts we buy.

So the days between Christmas and New Year, what have we been doing? Eating a lot of left over food! A few days before Christmas day, I raided Aldi* of all it's Christmas treats and since then I have been able to consume quite a lot of it. 

The Christmas Tree brioche has got to be one of my favourites - a brioche in the shape of a Christmas tree, tasty, easy to eat and covered in tiny sugar cubes. I did have this on display all day on Christmas day (great hospitality skills, I know!) but nobody seemed to have room in their bellies to eat it so it was enjoyed with a few cups of tea a few days later. As a Boxing Day late lunch I demolished a pack of Spanish/Italian meats - I can't go a Christmas without a Prosciutto/Salami/Chorizo feast so this was of course very much enjoyed with a few slices of Tiger Bread and LOTS of butter. 

As a blogger I feel like everyone should want to eat Macaroons. Well, much to your surprise I had never tasted any. Mostly because they are usually very expensive, or the ones that are usually cheap are just...naff. When I saw some frozen ones in Aldi for just under £3 I jumped with joy...they weren't just rubbish flavours either, there was a mixture of Chocolate, Buttercream and Raspberry. Happy days. I nearly welped when my niece had two, I don't think she realised how much of a treat Macaroons really are! 

If you're a crumpet fan then you would love their Christmas tree crumpets. Topped off with some marmalade, it makes the perfect change to have that as your breakfast than a bacon butty! 

After many days of pigging out it is safe to say I am looking forward to attempting to become healthier in the New Year!

lots of love

Jennie x 

*Aldi kindly worked with me on this post but as always all views and opinions are my own and always 100% honest! 

What I got for Christmas 2015

Once again, I was super lucky at Christmas time and got treated to some amazing things. Some "very Jen" things, which is always good. Before I put everything away or use everything I thought I'd write a post on them all! Instead of saying who they're from I'm just going to split them into categories.


This year I was lucky enough to receive two electronic items! The first one I got was an iPad Mini 2 and I LOVE it so much. I wanted one because my phone can only hold a certain amount of apps and music and as I love downloading apps I wanted to be able to have loads of different ones. I also find it great to watch TV shows on there rather than on my iPhone 6 and I've got into playing games on it too! The second electronic item was an Oral B Pro 4000 toothbrush as I've wanted one for ages but it's not something I wanted to spend my own money on buying. I'm just waiting on a plug adapter (it has a 2-pin plug) to arrive so I can start using it and get real nice teeth, just in time for my dentist appointment in the new year!


This year I got a lot of beauty-related items which I'm super happy about because I'm really getting back into my love of make up again and also want to start reviewing beauty products on here again.

I was so happy to receive the Urban Decay Gwen Stefani palette - it is beautiful. I have already experimented with it and all the shadows are so pigmented, really easy to blend and just amazing. I was given a Selfridges voucher so quickly spent that online and bought myself the MAC Sin lipstick and MAC Please Me in the Magic of the Night gorgeous purple packaging - love. I also received a Debenhams gift card and also quickly spent that online too! I bought myself the Origins Clear Improvement Pore Cleansing Mask as my skin is horrendous at the moment and I wanted something luxurious to make it better. I was also super happy to receive the Real Techniques Starter Set (the eye one) and now I have a full set of eye make up brushes which I'm happy about because now I can go cray with eye make up.

Bath and Body

Everyone who knows me knows that I love a good bath. I got a full bag of Lush Bath Bombs which is like a dream come true because I really don't like the Lush gift sets because they usually come with only 1/2 good things and the rest never get used so I was super happy that my Dad got me a bag full of my favourite Lush Bath Bombs, including Frozen, Golden Wonder and the Yoga Bomb! I also received loads of Molton Brown stuff including a set of Hand Creams and a set that came with a wash bag and some lovely bath things! I also received a gift set that included a Shea Butter set for very dry/dry skin which I'm really happy about because my skin is so dry and I LOVE Shea butter! I also received a cute snowman bath set too, which smells so nice!


I received some cool pyjamas with donuts all over them (sadly left them at my mum's house)! I also received a really comfy pair of slippers which I've been living in since recieving them - they're so nice!


I bought my sisters a "One Line A Day" book and kept saying around the house that I wish I'd got myself one. I must have hinted very well because I got one too! I love the idea of writing a line everyday for 5 years and being able to see what I was doing or thinking a year before or five years before last. I also got the coolest Build-A-Bear ever. It's a FROZEN one and I literally love it - it even sings(!!!) - scares me though when I forget it does that and I accidentally press the button. I also received a TEAPOT. I feel like such an old woman getting a teapot for Christmas but it's SO cool and tea tastes so good and it just looks amazing. To go with my tea pot I also received a French Bulldog mug by my favourite homeware designer Ben De Lisi and I LOVE it. It's sadly unavailable to photograph right now.

I had a wonderful Christmas and really enjoyed spending the day with my family and eating very nice, burnt, late food. Oh yeah mum that was a dig at you! I hope everyone had a great Christmas!

lots of love

Jennie x 

The best things about Christmas

Christmas time is by far my favourite time of year and with less than two weeks until Christmas day and because my Christmas tree is finally up, I thought it would be a great time to share a Christmassy post with you all! Here's what I love about Christmas time!

Christmas Trees and Christmas Lights
One of my favourite things about Christmas is everywhere looking Christmassy! Today I walked into my house and my Christmas tree had been put up! I actually got that excited I jumped and made it nearly fall over! I just love all the tinsel and all the lights. I'm particularly fond of Christmas lights. Where I live not many people bother decorating their outdoors with Christmas lights but where Ellis lives his house and his whole estate is just full of lit up buildings and it makes me soooo happy when I go round!

Christmas Shopping
I really loved shopping for Christmas presents this year. I bought them the last week of November and relaxed whilst doing it so I won't be stressed out on Christmas eve buying everyone's presents!

Wrapping Presents
I've also already wrapped all of the presents I've bought because usually I would get so bored doing it and would hate wrapping them on Christmas Eve, but I've wrapped them all already and enjoyed it!

I have literally just been living on my laptop, watching Vlogmas this year. I particularly love Tanya Burr's, Zoella's, Velvetgh0st's, Lily Melrose and Sammi Maria's!

Christmas Films
Although I don't usually watch the Christmas films until the days before Christmas, I've already sneaked in Elf this year and I have many more I want to watch. I've already been told by my nephew and nieces that I have to watch Polar Express and Frozen on Christmas Day. Fine by me.

The German Markets
I love going to Manchester at Christmas time, cosied up in a big coat, hat and gloves and spending an evening at the Christmas markets. I haven't been yet but I may go this week because I need to have some Banana and Nutella pancakes!

Spending time with loved ones
This is my favourite thing. I love that over Christmas we all get to take time off work and just spend so much time and be happy with the closest people to us. I love how excited my nephew and niece's are going to be on Christmas day, I can't wait to be a big kid with them!

What do you love about Christmas?

lots of love

Jennie x