Update! I'm back!

I'm back! Things look a bit different don't they? I got my blog completely redesigned by lovely Cat from Gatto Web Designs and she's done such a brilliant job! Hopefully now you can capture more of my personality when you first go onto my page! 

So what have I been up to? 

Well seeing as I didn't do a "Life in October" post, I may as well start with October! I turned 19 and forgot about that until I just realised I was 19, not 18 anymore. That means I will be 20 next year which is pretty scary if I'm honest. On the plus side of turning a year older, I got to experience Infamous Diner in Manchester (tasty hot dogs and beautiful cocktails) and also eat a plate full of roast potatoes and meat (and a little bit of veg, not) to celebrate aging up. 

My sister, Sami, also turned a year older, she's now 29, which means she's 30 next year, which means she's getting on a bit! I know if she read this post without a mention she may have complained. She'll probably complain more now. 

I bought a bookcase and a desk and a spinny chair and a dressing table mirror, and although they completely and utterly broke my bank within a week of getting paid, I love them! I now have somewhere to write my blog (although I'm currently writing this sat on the sofa with it on my knee) and I have somewhere to sit and do my make up in the morning. Brilliant. 

I actually celebrated Halloween this year, twice! The joys of having a nephew and nieces is that you can make them dress up and wear a witches hat and scare them with a bowl with a stupid, half-working, talking hand that cost me £10. It was a great Halloween.

This month so far has been jam-packed too. My Nonna (Nanna in the Italian lingo) turned 84 (doesn't look a day over 60), it was Ellis' mum's birthday, Ella, my niece turned 2 and Harry, my nephew turned 5. 

For Ella's birthday we all went for a carvery (we love the chance to eat a roast because they are rare in my family). It was a lovely afternoon and we lost Harry in the toilets again. 

For Harry's birthday we all congregated at my sister, Kimmy's, house and played with his new minion toys and ate cupcakes and lots of ice cream. This is why I can't understand how I'm turning 20 next year, I love child-related things too much!

I really think I should tell you about my job now. I've been working there for nearly 3 months now and I haven't even had a day off sick yet (shocking but very good). It's a brilliant job with great people and I'm enjoying every aspect of it. I also love literally working 10 minutes away from my house so I can leave at 8:45 and be in work in time, and I'll be home before it's 5.30 (I usually take a pit-stop to see my nephew and niece on the way. 

So, I'm back now - expect new posts coming quite soon and quite often. 

lots of love

Jennie x 

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