Duran Duran at Manchester Arena

If you asked me a few years ago if I would go and see a Duran Duran concert I would've probably have responded with "What? They still make music?" Duran Duran were never a band I would choose to listen to, I only knew a few songs because my parents were fans back when they first started. When I first got in a relationship with Ellis, I soon found out that his Dad is a major "Duranie" (we're talking the same love I have for the Foo Fighters, he has for Duran Duran) and so whenever we drove to Wales we would always have a different one of their songs playing and I soon grew to actually quite like them. 

So when I got a text whilst on my lunch break on Friday saying that there was a 99% chance we had free tickets to see them that night and asking if I'm up for it - I just could not say no! 

We were sat on the upper tier, about three blocks away from the stage, which was a surprisingly great view! The atmosphere was great, we were surrounded by, mostly, middle-aged women who were trying to relive their youth and got excited everytime one of their old songs came on. 

They begun the show with "Paper Gods" which I believe is off their most recent album. I wouldn't say I was a massive fan of this one but that was probably because I had never heard it before so I couldn't get straight into it! They then went straight into "Wild Boys" which of course, is a classic, so obviously all the middle-aged women stood up and did the sort of dancing I fear my mum does when she goes out. After that they played a belter "Hungry Like The Wolf" which I knew the majority of the lyrics to - result! 

They then played "A View To A Kill" which is...James Bond! I never would've thought that Duran Duran were responsible for such an iconic theme song! "Come Undone" was next which was what I could describe as a love song that my dad would like (not the best). 

According to the set list, "Last Night in the City" was next, but my memory can't recall how that was so I can't comment. "White Lines" was next and I recall it being quite a good one. "Only In Dreams" was next and again, my memory can not recall it sadly (I should probably Youtube them, but I'm trying to give you an honest review!) "Love Voodoo" was next and I recall that not being the best, it definitely made me feel like I was in the 80's though. 

Another classic, "Notorious" was played after that and of course I loved this. I have also loved Ellis' drumming of it several times after we saw it live! "I Don't Want Your Love" was next and I just had to Youtube this because memory is so bad - I didn't have any recollection of it! 

Their new single was played next, "Pressure Off" which has been in my head ever since the song has come out so hearing it live really didn't help - but it was a lot of fun live! They then played "Planet Earth" which I believe was one of their first songs (according to dadopedia!) "Ordinary World" was then played which must be quite a big song because I recognised it - I actually knew more songs than I had expected! "Sunrise/New Moon On Monday" was then played and "Sunrise" was a song I knew because Ellis has quoted "The Music's Between Us" several times in three years. They ended with "Danceophobia/TMI/Girls On" which I don't recall being good songs to end on so I was happy when they came back on with an encore! 

When they came back, Simon Le Bon did a beautiful and very emotional speech about the Paris Attacks, as the next song they were to play ("Save A Prayer") was a song covered by the band Eagles Of Death Metal who were unfortunately the band that lost several friends and fans that night. "Save A Prayer" was so gorgeous to listen to and it has to be my favourite Duran Duran song. Everyone turned their lights on on their phone and swayed and sung and stood up - it was beautiful. 

They then played "What Are The Chances" I song I sadly didn't know. However they ended on "Rio" which I think everyone would know?! ...."her name is Rio and she dances on the sand!"  
Overall, it was a really great night and I'm so glad I can add Duran Duran to the list of bands I have seen live now! 

lots of love

Jennie x 

Update! I'm back!

I'm back! Things look a bit different don't they? I got my blog completely redesigned by lovely Cat from Gatto Web Designs and she's done such a brilliant job! Hopefully now you can capture more of my personality when you first go onto my page! 

So what have I been up to? 

Well seeing as I didn't do a "Life in October" post, I may as well start with October! I turned 19 and forgot about that until I just realised I was 19, not 18 anymore. That means I will be 20 next year which is pretty scary if I'm honest. On the plus side of turning a year older, I got to experience Infamous Diner in Manchester (tasty hot dogs and beautiful cocktails) and also eat a plate full of roast potatoes and meat (and a little bit of veg, not) to celebrate aging up. 

My sister, Sami, also turned a year older, she's now 29, which means she's 30 next year, which means she's getting on a bit! I know if she read this post without a mention she may have complained. She'll probably complain more now. 

I bought a bookcase and a desk and a spinny chair and a dressing table mirror, and although they completely and utterly broke my bank within a week of getting paid, I love them! I now have somewhere to write my blog (although I'm currently writing this sat on the sofa with it on my knee) and I have somewhere to sit and do my make up in the morning. Brilliant. 

I actually celebrated Halloween this year, twice! The joys of having a nephew and nieces is that you can make them dress up and wear a witches hat and scare them with a bowl with a stupid, half-working, talking hand that cost me £10. It was a great Halloween.

This month so far has been jam-packed too. My Nonna (Nanna in the Italian lingo) turned 84 (doesn't look a day over 60), it was Ellis' mum's birthday, Ella, my niece turned 2 and Harry, my nephew turned 5. 

For Ella's birthday we all went for a carvery (we love the chance to eat a roast because they are rare in my family). It was a lovely afternoon and we lost Harry in the toilets again. 

For Harry's birthday we all congregated at my sister, Kimmy's, house and played with his new minion toys and ate cupcakes and lots of ice cream. This is why I can't understand how I'm turning 20 next year, I love child-related things too much!

I really think I should tell you about my job now. I've been working there for nearly 3 months now and I haven't even had a day off sick yet (shocking but very good). It's a brilliant job with great people and I'm enjoying every aspect of it. I also love literally working 10 minutes away from my house so I can leave at 8:45 and be in work in time, and I'll be home before it's 5.30 (I usually take a pit-stop to see my nephew and niece on the way. 

So, I'm back now - expect new posts coming quite soon and quite often. 

lots of love

Jennie x