Life in September

Surprisingly I'm writing this post 22 days into September which gives you an insight into the fact that September has made me organised! September always is a great month for me, it's the month before my birthday and it's the beginning of Autumn so it's usually full of great things! 

I begun my September getting over Leeds and applying for jobs, which doesn't sound like a great start does it? Seeing as that's all I'd done all Summer! I also got the Leeds Fest lurgy and usually I would mope around in bed and watch Netflix all day but I actually made the most of my time and went to the Trafford Centre with Ellis because it just got a new job (working in a fancy barbers in Manchester!) and I didn't want to waste the last few days of his free time! 

At this point I was feeling a bit down that I hadn't had any interviews but Ellis had a new job and I really wanted one but then the next morning I got a phone call and was offered an interview for one of the jobs! 

The weekend after Ellis' mum said that we should go to Blackpool for the day so myself, Ellis, his mum and dad and grandma and of course Ruby the dog drove to Blackpool and we had a lovely walk a long the beach and pier and Ellis won me some cuddly toys - Barnaby and Phylis! 

On the Monday I got a phone call from another company I had applied for and was offered an interview for that! After going to both interviews I was offered the second one (the one I wanted) right on the spot and I couldn't be happier with how close it is and what I do now! 

Bring Me The Horizon brought out a new album on the 11th and I had preordered two from Manchester so that me and Ellis could meet them on the Sunday! It's such an awesome album and I haven't stopped listening to it! 

On the Sunday we actually met Bring Me The Horizon and obviously, I fangirled! I actually got to hug Oli Sykes and the whole band are so lovely! 

The day after I started my new job and so far I'm loving it. The company is great and I think I'm really going to enjoy working there. I'm so happy that I only live a 15 minute walk away - it's so convenient! 

The day after I started I had to go for my first part of root canal. To be honest the first part wasn't too bad. Once the numbing wore off I was in a lot of pain but I just took two Ibuprofen's and then the pain never came back. I'm hoping that the next parts of the treatment aren't too bad either, but I also found out I'll have to get a crown at some point which will cost me £222...lovely! 

Tech moment. I updated my phone to IOS 9 and I am obsessed with the new font. I can't stop typing on it...I love it! 

I met one of my oldest friends Katie after work one day to have a "Farewell Costa". I hadn't seen her since the beginning of July so it was nice to have a catch up before she moved to York for university! 

My nephew, Harry, started primary school (omg I'm old) and he looked so cute!

My Italian auntie was over from Italy so I got to see her! I surprised myself by actually knowing what she was saying in Italian. 

Since working, me and Ellis have been making the most of whatever time we get together now so last weekend when I stayed at his we spent the night eating an Indian takeaway, drinking wine and watching a film together! 

I spent the rest of that weekend making a budget spreadsheet because I was that excited about getting paid! 

On the last day of September I got paid (yaaaaaaaay!!!) - I now finally have money again! 

October is going to be great too! It's my birthday on the 3rd so this weekend is going to be jam packed with fun things. On Friday we are going out for Ellis' brothers 21st and then the day after, when Ellis is at work, I'm going to see my family and do a bit of birthday shopping. On Saturday night I'm going to Infamous Diner in Manchester with Ellis and my Dad for birthday cocktails and then I'm going out with Ellis' family to the pub afterwards! On the Sunday I'm going for a lovely carvery with my Mum and the rest of my family! This weekend is definitely my busiest weekend over the year (apart from Leeds Festival). 

Next weekend is my sisters birthday. I'm not sure if we're doing anything for it, she hasn't mentioned anything. I'm only writing her in here because she actually reads my posts and would complain if I didn't add her in! 

Of course, the month will end with Halloween and I can't wait because I'm going to dress up as a witch or something and I'm going to decorate my mum's house with Halloween stuff! 

I hope you have a great October! 


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