How to become a morning person

I was speaking to Ellis the other day and we were discussing how I can wake up and be happy as Larry even if I'm waking up at like 6, but when it's past half 10 at night I turn into such a grump - I suppose I need to improve my nighttime happiness, but for now I think I can share a few of my tips on how I wake up so full of joy in the morning (most of the time). 

Don't get me wrong, there are mornings I'll wake up from a bad nightmare or if I've got to go somewhere that I don't want to be I do actually wake up feeling rubbish - but the rest of the time I'm pretty hunky-dory! 

Sleep routine

I do remember when I was in high school, there would be nights when I could stay up messaging my friends until three in the morning and then get up at six for school and feel awful ! Now I've realised that is daft and whether it's cool or not, I like to be in bed no later than eleven so that when I get up at seven I've had around 7/8 hours sleep and feel fabulous! 


I like to plan what I have to do in the morning - breakfast, shower, hair, make up, get dressed - so that I know how long I need for each task and what time is best to get up! I also like to add about 15/20 minutes onto that time so that I have a little bit of time left to watch some TV or Youtube and get ready at a leisurely pace. There is nothing worse than rushing in the morning or being late for work, so make sure you leave plenty of time so you don't start the day off badly! 

Look forward to something

I remember when I was younger that I didn't want my nights to end because I didn't want the next day to start because that! Now, unless I'm waking up at the weekend, I sometimes feel like this but I like to set myself something nice to do everyday so there's at least one good thing to do e.g. seeing my nephew and nieces, my boyfriend staying over, having a roast for dinner, going to Costa for a morning hot chocolate, having a fun day at work, buying myself something nice. 


Sometimes, it may be impossible to take a walk anywhere before you have to drive to work/get the bus to school, but I've found since starting my job only a 15 minute walk away, that walk just makes me feel really awake and I actually look forward to the journey there because it's some time to myself, to listen to some music and to just think about stuff. I especially love walking on these Autumn mornings when it's a little bit frosty! 

Eat something nice, drink something warm

I never used to eat breakfast at home when I went to school or at my last job. Sometimes my body doesn't agree with eating so early in the morning but I've found that since having my Marks and Spencer's Apple and Cinnamon Crunch in the morning I feel so much better having a full stomach. I also like to have a cup of tea/coffee and drink it whilst getting ready because it's so cold when I get up now that it's Autumn and I despise getting ready when I'm absolutely freezing! 

Be positive and worry less

The worst thing to do when you wake up is think about any negativity from the day before - why would you want to start your day on something bad? I like to scour Pinterest for a good quote and say it to myself to feel more positive and leave all worries for after 11am. 

I'd love to know what you do to become a morning person - please leave your tips on being a night person below, I could definitely use them! 


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