Thursday & Friday at Leeds Festival

I'd like to start this post off with an apology - I know it's nearly October and I'm only just writing my Leeds Festival posts. I've got a job now though so that's why I've been a bit behind with...everything! 
Anyway, another year means another Leeds Festival. I've got to admit it wasn't the best year as far as the line up was concerned, but it was the best year for weather so I enjoyed it just as much anyway! 

We decided to go on the Thursday to get a good spot, so at 8 in the morning we set off with a car full of camping stuff. On the way there we realised that we hadn't actually eaten anything so we decided to stop off for the last proper meal we would have for the whole weekend...a full English breakfast at Tesco! 

When we eventually got there at half 10 we had to make several journeys to the car and back in order to have everything but by about half past 12 we were all done and just had to wait around for the guest area to open. We were told that it would be open at 12 but then they decided to change the time to 5 so all we did for the next 5 hours was sit in the sun and drink a lot of wine...

When guest area eventually opened we excitedly went in to find out the price of wine and hot dogs...too expensive. Seriously if they didn't charge £5 for 125ml of wine then maybe more people would stop smuggling in their alcohol (just a thought Festival Republic!)

The rest of Thursday was quite chilled out, we had a few drinks in the guest area and I had a hot dog for my tea. I think my days of staying up until 3 in the morning at Leeds are so over. We were in bed and asleep by midnight! 

Overnight me and Ellis used the Solar Phone Charger, that was kindly gifted to me by Insurance 2 Go, to charge our phone overnight. The charger had been "charged" whilst I was at home so I had loads of juice in it. It came with two USB ports so we were able to charge both our phones overnight and amazingly we woke up with 100% battery!  

On the Friday morning I had never been so grateful to be in guest camp because the guest area toilets were open so I got to have my morning wee in luxury (always the best!) I felt a bit rubbish that morning so when everyone was awake we went in the guest area and had some over priced bacon butties made by over-friendly people. I don't want to be a grump but there's something very irritating about people being too nice at 9 in the morning. 

When we were all ready we headed into the main area to have a look around. To be honest I wasn't remotely excited about any band on the Friday. I had heard of a small band called The Sherlocks (through Ellis) and they were on at 12 so we went and listened to their set and they were really good! The first big band we actually chose to watch a bit of was The Gaslight Anthem and even then I couldn't tell you what they were like, because I don't actually remember! 

We decided that because it was too much effort to try and smuggle in alcohol into the main area that we would just spend a bit of time back at the tent having a few drinks to save us a bit of cash and to get us a little merry! This is when the Bluetooth Speakers that I was also gifted by Insurance 2 Go came in handy because it made sitting around the tent so much more fun! 

Me and Ellis decided to go and see Kendrick Lamar who was sub-headlining before The Libertines. I only went because Ellis likes him and because I thought there may have been a slight chance that Taylor Swift would come out and sing Bad Blood (she didn't, sadly). We soon realised that after a few songs it was not our scene! Me and Ellis are used to jumping around, moshing and holding up that "rock on" hand gesture. The area was packed with girls with bum cheeks hanging out and boys wearing bucket hats which reminded us too much of Bury so we departed quite swiftly and just went to the guest area to chill for a bit. 

We didn't even watch the headliners that night. We just sat in the guest area and listened to Kanye West getting played several times by the DJ. 

Look out for posts about Saturday and Sunday at Leeds (the more exciting days!) during the week! 


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