Life in August

As I've said every single month of Summer...this month has flown by! You'll be happy to know this month has actually been a lot more exciting...a trip to Wales and a weekend at Leeds Festival is a little bit more exciting than being ill all month! 

If you read last month's post you'll know I had a tooth infection at the end of the month and so I started August in a lot of pain. Ellis' american family were over so I spent a lot of the beginning of the month with them. We played a lot of Destiny and ate pancakes! 

When I was ill I basically binge-watched Netflix for days and fell back in love with Gossip Girl. I also obviously played Sims 4 for a ridiculous amount of hours. 

A week after Ellis' birthday, his parents held a family get together with all of his family and it was a lovely day in the sun! You can read all about it here

That day I started getting a few rashes on areas of my body and the next day I woke up looking like a lizard so obviously headed to sit in the walk-in centre for an hour. It turned out that I was allergic to the antibiotics I'd been taking for my tooth infection which meant I had to stop taking them. Luckily the infection had gone by that point so I didn't have to take another course. 

Some of my friends got their A-level results and they did so well and both my best friend's Rachel and Katie got into University so now they are flying the nest and leaving me! It's weird to think if I'd have continued with my A levels I would've found out if I was going to University. I'm still not regretting my choice though! 

I was quite poor this month as I had to save for Leeds Festival so I spent a lot of time tidying my house and did a huge clean of my room (it's already a mess!) 

I think I need to mention I updated my laptop to Windows 10 and you know what, it was a great decision. I'm probably part of the 5% that actually don't regret doing it. So far it's worked well for me. 

Three weeks into August we went to Anglesey for a few days and oh, did I need it! The weather wasn't the best but it was still a lovely trip. We spent the first day leisurely travelling there, stopping off at his nanna and grandad's house. We also visited Surf Snowdonia in Conwy but it wasn't actually working and you had to book weeks in advance sadly. We then spent the rest of the evening having a picky tea and watching TV in the cozy caravan. 

The next day we took a trip to Cable Bay, which is one of my favourite places in Anglesey, to take the dog for a little walk. We then drove to where Ellis' aunty, uncle and cousins were staying near the Menai Straights. The cottage they were staying at backed onto a farm so the horses and goats came to say hello. When the sun came out we went for a stroll to a nearby tea room and had tea, sandwiches and cake. It was lovely (apart from being attacked by wasps). We then took another trip to Cable Bay in the afternoon but this time with the kids too and we all had a lovely paddle (I also accidentally got hit by a rock). That evening we took advantage of being stuck indoors and had a game of Jenga (I don't think I've played a none electronic game in years)! 

On our third day we went back to see Ellis' cousins and we all went to Foal Farm before they went home. We had a brilliant day feeding sheep, cows, goats and pigs and we also rode on the trailer of a tractor. On the way back to the caravan that afternoon we stopped off at Penrhos Coastal Park and took a short walk around there. I fell in love with a black Labrador as I always seem to in Wales (I used to have one)! After we had our tea that evening we went on a drive to South Stack to watch the sunset and it was one of those memories you're just glad to make. 

On our final day we took a trip to Criccieth and ate a lovely picnic on the beach. We then drove to Beddgelert, one of my favourite places in Anglesey and I had an amazing banana and chocolate chip ice cream. We went on a lovely long walk around the river and then after drove back to the caravan and had another relaxing night in. 

On the Sunday we woke up and the weather was horrendous so we decided to just pack up. We set off early afternoon but after there being traffic on the motorway we decided to drive back through the mountains instead, which ended up taking hours and so we didn't get back home until half six in the evening. 

After getting back from five days without internet, my wifi ended up breaking when I got home so I spent the next few days being bored because I sort of need it to function at home. 

The next week was Leeds Festival time and it was the best end of the month I could ask for. Leeds never lets me down and I saw some absolutely incredible bands. I'll be posting some in depth posts about each day soon. 

September seems promising so far. Ellis aced his interview and now has a job. I've just got myself a job and start next week! I have the first part of my root canal treatment next week and I'm obviously terrified but slightly excited for my teeth to be getting a little bit better. I'm going to prepare myself for my birthday because it's my 19th three days into next month (I know I'm getting old, help!). 

Overall I'm feeling extremely positive and happy at the moment and I'm focusing on just starting to earn again. 


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