Lush Review - Frozen Bath Bomb

If you know me or have read my blog for a while, you'll know that two of my favourite things in life are Frozen and Lush bath bombs. 
Last weekend me and my mum frantically rushed to our local Lush store praying and hoping that it hadn't closed already (it was a Sunday) and luckily for us, fate was on our side and it was open so me and mum ran in and browsed everything they had. 

When you don't have a job, buying Lush products isn't something that occurs very often. In fact I hadn't had one for months and on this day my mum was ever so nice and decided to treat me. 

I expected to walk in and see the same old stuff. I had been lusting over their Lush - Oxford Street range for ages but didn't expect to ever be able to get my hands on them because they were only available at that store in London. 

But there before my eyes was a huge range from the Oxford Street store and so I quickly grabbed myself the one I had been wanting for ages - the Frozen bath bomb. Frozen is one of the best things to have ever happened to this world and I couldn't wait to bathe in the wonderful Frozen-ness of this bath bomb. 

The bath bomb itself was a very "Elsa" blue and white and just looked pretty magical. It was a simple sphere but was full of glitter so I knew it was going to be fun (and probably quite messy). 

As I dropped it into the bath I watched it fizz away, making my water full of blue, white and silver. One of my favourite types of bath bombs is when the water is left looking a real sea-blue and this did exactly that. 

I'm not the best at describing scents but this let off what I can just describe as a dream. It was extremely soothing and was a perfect bath to have just before bed. I can imagine having this bath bomb in the Winter (I hope it's still around then) as it makes you feel so cosy and calm. 

The product contains Grapefruit Oil, Neroli Oil and Rose Oil so as you can imagine - it smelt divine. 

As with pretty much all the bath bombs I've used from Lush, my skin was left feeling very soft and well nourished. Due to all the glitter in the bath, I was left looking all sparkly. Some people really hate this but I love it. I would recommend using it before you go to bed rather than in the morning as you may not want to go out looking like a glitter ball. 

The Frozen bath bomb comes at a price of £3.95 which I think is very reasonable for the size and the level of excitement that comes from it. I will definitely be using it again. 


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