Life in July

I feel like my life was on fast forward since the end of June until now. Where was July?! It has literally blinked before my eyes! 

July started great. Gorgeous weather is always a great start to a Summer month! Right at the beginning of the month I met up with the friend I've known the longest, Katie, for a coffee and a catch up before she went to Tanzania on a World Challenge for an entire month with no contact with her family or friends and no internet connection (I would've found it impossible). 

My mum had to get herself moved out of her old house early in the month so on one Saturday whilst my sister was helping my mum pack, me and Ellis took my niece and nephew to the park for a few hours and I burnt all my shoulders and back (typical). 

I also went to visit my aunty, uncle and cousins in Hazel Grove for a Sunday Roast with my dad and Ellis. We had a really nice relaxing day and me and Ellis went for a wander along the canal near to their house. 

Then believe it or not, I got a cold. Shock I know, I never get ill! (obvious sarcasm, I seem to get ill all the time). So I spent a few days at home, feeling sorry for myself, drinking hot chocolate and playing the Sims. 

My mum got fully moved into her new house and it is so peaceful and lovely. I've done my room up and it looks really pretty! I got to look after my youngest niece Ella that weekend too which was fabulous because look at that cheeky smile!

My sister, Sami, did the race for life so I took my nephew to Heaton Park for the day to see her run and to eat ice cream. We also bumped into my niece (Sami's daughter) Ella and her dad so we spent some time with them too! 

When me and Ellis finally were reunited at some point in July we decided to have a few beers as it was a lovely Summer's day, but as we were walking back to his house with them he dropped four Corona's on the road and one of them smashed and went everywhere. Then I stupidly told him to pick up the glass so no cats would stand on it and he manages to cut his hand and I HAVE NEVER SEEN SO MUCH BLOOD. It was literally like a horror movie, he was just leaving a blood trail all the way to his house. 

Me, Ellis and my dad went to see Antman in Manchester on the first day it came out and it was brilliant! We then went to Handmade Burger Company again. I tried sweet potato fries too and felt like I was a true blogger now because bloggers go cray for sweet potato fries. 

I had a great night the other weekend. Me and my mum and sisters went out for a few (many) glasses of wine and then finished it with a cocktail. It was great to have some girly time with my mum and sisters without any kids! 

The next day I was definitely making up for it though. I woke up at 4 and then couldn't get back to sleep much after it. I went back to my dads about midday and then started having really bad jaw ache for the rest of the day. The day after I had to go for an emergency dentist appointment and I had a stupid dentist that didn't bother to xray and just claimed my teeth were sensitive and made me go and get some stupid toothpaste that did absolutely nothing for me. 

I kept trooping on with this awful toothache hoping it would just get better, it didn't. I am awful with pain so I did well and I'm awful with tablets and found myself having more tablets than I usually do in a year, in a week. 

On the Thursday, when I got my new glasses I went to stay at Ellis' house and had the most awful head ache ever because of the glasses, it felt like I was being attacked from my jaw to my brain and so I went to sleep early that night to rest my head. 

The next day was Ellis' big 18th birthday and I was so excited for him but I was also in so much pain so after he was occupied with his birthday presents I went to meet my dad and had another emergency dentist appointment and this time it was with my usual dentist. He xray-ed my mouth and as expected, I had an abscess. 

I was put on antibiotics and went to Ellis' birthday meal with excruciating tooth ache. I was so gutted that I couldn't enjoy the food I was eating because of it but after a few glasses of wine I actually forgot about the pain! Ellis definitely enjoyed his birthday and made the most of the fact he was actually legal to drink alcohol! 

August so far hasn't been too exciting. I was bed-ridden for the majority of this first week and could barely eat because my mouth swell up from the antibiotics. 
Ellis' family from America came over and they are so cool! We took them on a tour of the woodland area near his house and they loved it. It's so crazy how people from other countries appreciate stuff that we don't think is that exciting. Ellis' aunty also made proper american pancakes and it made me want to go to America even more just for them. 
We also had a huge family party at Ellis' with all his cousins, aunties and uncles (he has a lot). I'll explain more on that in another post! I managed to have an allergic reaction to my antibiotics and came out in this awful rash all over my body and looked like a lizard - what else wants to happen to me? 

I'm going to spend a few days of August organising myself and my blog and I'm going to put a load of things on eBay! Next week me and Ellis are going to Wales with his parents for a few days which I can't wait for! I have to get my root canal treatment started at the end of the month too and we're hopefully off to Leeds Festival too on the bank holiday weekend. 

I can't believe how quick Summer is going this year. 

How was your month? 


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