Bands I Want To See At Leeds Festival 2015

This time next week I will be trading in a comfy bed and great hygiene for a tent and mud in a field in Leeds and I absolutely can't wait. 
I've been attending Leeds since I was 13 (this is my sixth time) and each year I've been able to watch and appreciate some of the greatest bands ever. This year sees another awesome line up, maybe not as great as other years (but what seriously could beat 2012 with Foo Fighters, really?) and there's some incredible bands that I want to see. 


Kendrick Lamar 

As I am a wonderful girlfriend (and I also want to drag Ellis to see All Time Low) I am going to stand and enjoy Kendrick Lamar. I genuinely don't know a single song of his, other than his few parts in Taylor Swift - Bad Blood, so I don't know what to expect. Sometimes I think it's good to watch a genre of music live that you're not used to and if it makes Ellis happy, it makes me happy. 

The Libertines

I can't say I like The Libertines, but when they were announced everyone seemed to go crazy so I'm going to give them a shot. Even if I don't enjoy the music, the atmosphere should be great! 

To be honest, the Friday line up isn't incredible. We may find ourselves going to see Boy Better Know just for the 2009 nostalgia, or we might find ourselves trying to find bands in the Guest bar. 



Ever since hearing their album, I've really wanted to see them so I'm hoping that they don't clash with anybody I want to see on the Main Stage so me and Ellis can at least catch part/all of their set! 

Panic! At The Disco

I have no shame in saying I am really looking forward to seeing this band. I used to listen to them all the time when they were overplayed on Kerrang when I was about thirteen and I love seeing bands that I loved when I was younger. I only know a few songs but I'm sure I will still have a ball singing "WOAAHHH MONA LISA". 

All Time Low

Again, no shame in admitting I am totally looking forward to seeing ATL. I've already seen them three times and I love all their old stuff. I have to admit I barely know any of their new albums but if and when they play Dear Maria, Lost in Stereo and Damned If I Do Ya, I will definitely be dancing and singing away. 


I have absolutely loved Bastille ever since they started to become famous a few years ago but, although they've played Leeds a few times, I have never had the chance to see them because they've clashed with somebody else. Luckily this year they're playing the Main Stage which means I will definitely be able to see them finally! 


Although I haven't listened to their latest album much, Alt-J are one of those bands I just could not miss. I saw them back in 2013 when they headlined the NME Stage and oh my god, they were perfect. Such a calm and relaxing band and I'm really looking forward to seeing them again! 

Mumford and Sons

I've got to admit, I was slightly disappointed in this act being a Main Stage headliner because I didn't think they were quite as good, in my opinion. Since then I've realised they do have quite a few good songs that I used to love when they came out years ago so I'm going to watch them, plus Ellis wants to anyway so I'm happy to watch them for him. 

Although Saturday has a better line up than Friday, it actually isn't the best day, for once! This year I personally think Sunday is the best day, probably because it has an awesome rock-based line up. 


Everything Everything 

I'm really hoping that this band don't clash with anybody on the Main Stage because I have wanted to see them for ages and I think they'd be awesome live! 

Royal Blood

After not being able to see them at Wembley with the Foo Fighters (Dave's leg!) I'm probably most excited to see Royal Blood. I've been bashing their album ever since it came out and I think it's incredible that they're only a two-piece band. Really looking forward to see them rock the Main Stage! 

Bring Me The Horizon 

Over the past two years I have increasingly grown to adore Bring Me The Horizon and the songs they write. I'm really looking forward to hearing their new songs and also hearing them play songs from Sempiternal again. 


Obviously I'm looking forward to Metallica. I'm just so shocked that we actually got the best headliner last - which means an awesome set. I recently found out that Ellis is actually a huge fan of Metallica - he knows every single song. So I can imagine he's going to be just like I was when I saw Paramore last year! 

Obviously, Sunday has the best line up. But overall, I'm just looking forward to my annual tradition of being at Leeds Festival! 

If you're going to Leeds I'd love to know who you want to see? If you want to read any of my previous Leeds posts, check out the links below. 

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  1. woo I'm going tmrw only! Can't wait for BMTH, Alexisonfire and Metallica, I'm sure we'll discuss/reminisce after!
    x GNAR MOSH x