A British Summer Party

On Friday, Ellis' family held a huge family party to not only celebrate his 18th birthday, but also to bring all of his relatives under one roof. 

Ellis is super lucky to have a huge family. Many of them live really close so he gets to see them quite often but he has an uncle, auntie and four cousins that live all the way in San Francisco so getting to see them often isn't possible. He gets to see his uncle a few times a year maybe, as he travels a lot for work, but he hadn't seen some of these cousins since he was little, and he hadn't even met the youngest two.  

That morning we woke up and had breakfast with his cousins and his auntie and uncle. His auntie made proper American pancakes and they were a dream to eat. I had the chocolate chip ones (obviously because I can't say no to chocolate) with maple syrup poured over them. I don't think I'll ever eat the pancakes they sell at Frankie and Benny's ever again because those ones taste like cardboard compared to these authentic American ones. 

After they had left to spend the day doing touristy things near where we live, me and Ellis headed to our local town and raided Aldi* of all their best snacks and party food. We came out with a trolley full of cocktail sausages, pork pies, sausage rolls - us Brits do love pork, don't we? We even grabbed some Pink Lemonade - surprisingly Ellis' choice. 

When we got back to his house, with the help of his mum, we set all of the food out and waited for people to arrive.

There was probably around 30 of us so the house was packed of kids and adults! We got to chat to all of his family and have a good catch up with everyone, whilst also playing with the kids in the garden - and playing on the PS4. 

Although Britain is known for it's rainy Summer, we were really lucky to have such a clear and hot day! 

*Aldi were kind enough to work with me on this post, however all views and opinions are 100% my own, as always! 

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  1. I love pink lemonade - as long as it's not carbonated ;)