Life in June

Well hello July, lovely to see you again! I won't lie, June has been a bit of a let down. I always see June as the start of Summer and I expected it to be full of fun days out in the sun, eating ice lollies, going on adventures. But it's been a little bit of a disappointment. 

The start of June wasn't too bad. My mum went away for a few days to Spain with her friends and I was extremely jealous but I was just super happy she was having some time away from everything. 

When she got back it was my eldest niece's 2nd birthday so we spent the morning rummaging around for a suitable present (obviously I loved browsing everything Frozen related!) and then we went to her little party where I ate a lot of egg mayo sandwiches and enjoyed a bowl of jelly and ice cream - perks of being an auntie. 

My dad finally bought us a new hoover and I'm not even joking - I LOVE HOOVERING. It's like one of my favourite hobbies at the moment; if I was doing a monthly favourites that hoover would be in it. 

I then had an interview, however it was like a pre-interview, so I basically got all nervous for no reason. At a later date I had another interview for the same job but didn't get it. Sigh. "What will be, will be" as my mother always tells me.

At one point, when the weather was delightful, me and Ellis actually went on a really nice walk near his house and it was just really nice. I just love going on walks, not going on Social Media and just getting some fresh air. It's very calming. 

Orange Is The New Black took up a large proportion of my time in June and I very much enjoyed the entire of Season 3. 

Then catastrophe struck and Dave Grohl (my lord, my saviour) broke his leg a week before I was meant to see the Foo Fighters play at Wembley! I don't think I've ever stressed so much in my life trying to figure out if they would still play or not and when he posted that emotional letter on Social Media my heart sank - not just because I wasn't seeing them but mostly because I knew how gutted he would've been to miss out on Wembley. At least now I have something to look forward to at a later date (next year, probs). 

I got to help my mum babysit my nephew and niece and it was such a lovely night - especially the part when we all sat and watched various episodes of Teletubbies! The next morning I was woken up by Harry, my nephew, poking me and telling me it's time to get out of bed. He then forced me to make him and Grace, my niece, some pancakes (I definitely made them the 2 ingredient ones) and ended up eating Grace's because she didn't like them. 

Me and my dad took a trip to Macclesfield to lay some flowers on my grandmothers memorial stone. I chose some beautiful peonies from a market and I hope she liked them! It was extremely rainy but it was still a great day out with my dad. 

With a weekend free (because of the Foo Fighters situ.) I started helping my mum with her new house. That's one of the great parts of June actually - my mum has got a new place and it's literally round the corner from my house and it means I can go round for a coffee whenever I want and I won't ever have to cart loads of things round with me because she literally lives up the road. She hasn't moved in yet, we're just painting it (we doesn't include me, I don't paint). 

My dad had a row with Sky and we finally got our Sky box upgraded and now we finally have Sky+ HD so I can watch loads of things on demand. I actually straight away watched The Fault in our Stars and oh my, the feels. 
On Father's Day me and my dad watched the Green Mile and it was actually really good. Well done Dad for picking a decent film. 

With money left over from not seeing the Foo Fighters I was able to have a little spree on ASOS and New Look. I spent hours on these websites, putting a lot of thought into each piece I put into my basket. When they arrived only one thing looked nice, so I kept that. The only other thing I kept was a phone case but everything else I've had to send back so that was a waste of time. Because of my short and stumpy legs not many things look good on me so I think I'll steer clear from online shopping for a while and actually go and try the clothes on in shops. 

Something I did buy that I love is a "My Future Listography - All I hope to do in lists" book and I've got to say it's pretty amazing. I just love lists so this was like the most perfect thing ever. It's definitely got me inspired for a few blog posts too which is always an advantage, isn't it? 

I spent the last weekend of June at my mums, watching Glastonbury on TV and annoying her with Kanye West. She really doesn't like him.

I have accomplished something this month and that was de-cluttering. I did quite a lot actually and my trusty hoover made an appearance through it all of course. 

The last few days I have just stayed home and sorted some things out. I did buy myself a bunch of flowers because they just make me happy as you would know from this post

July seems a lot more inviting. On Sunday Ellis, my dad and I are going to see my auntie, uncle and cousins for a Sunday lunch and Ellis finally gets to meet them! My dad also said that he would like to take me and Ellis to Southport for the day when it's nice again for a day at the seaside, which would be a lot of fun! I'm going to be super saving all month because it's Ellis' 18th on the 31st which I'm really looking forward to, whatever we end up doing!  My mum will have fully moved in to her new house by the end of the month too which is always a nice thing to do. 

How was your month? 


  1. oh my gosh the flowers are so beautiful!!! I love the peonies! One day, I'll go and buy one for myself :)


  2. Your nephew and niece are both soooo adorable! And yeah i agree, i expect it to be hot and sunny the whole of june, sadly that wasn’t the case. I need to know how to declutter. Its time for me to do a massive wardrobe clean out! Lovely shots of flowers you have there btw! :)

    x Carina | Running White Horses