How to detox your social media

Raise your hand if you wake up in the morning and check Instagram, Facebook and Twitter just to nosy at other people's lives? (Raises hand) What's the last thing you do at night? Read a book? Listen to some soothing music? Probably not, I bet you check social media again! Technology has really advanced in the last five years or so. Everything seems to revolve around social media - work and leisure. As a blogger it would be wrong for me not to use social media, but I've not just used it for blogging. Ever since I was 11 and had a Bebo account I have continuously used social media for better and for worse. I've shared all my thoughts and feelings as a tweet and I've mentioned every move I've made in the form of a Facebook status, not to mention capturing most meals I've had to put on my Instagram account (even if it did taste awful). Recently I've actually started to use my social media accounts for the better and trying to keep them for positive use only.


One thing that I did do when I was fifteen was add every single person that was in my age group in my area as a friend on Facebook. I probably knew about 5% of the 2000 friends I had on Facebook and if anybody spoke about anyone that I had on there I would say "Oh yeah, I know her, I have her on Facebook!" Well, now being old and mature (eighteen) I've realised that it's actually quite annoying having everyone and their dog on Facebook and so I took the first step of my detox and deleted everybody I don't actually know! I also got rid of people I don't speak to anymore or people that had opinions on every topic going that they just had to share. 

If there's people that would kick up a fuss if you deleted them, e.g. family, just click a little button on some of their posts and click "hide these sort of posts". Now your timeline will be a little bit more free from posts that irritate you and that will refrain you from commenting your opinion that could start a family war over Facebook. 

I was in a Facebook group recently that annoyed me. It was a group dedicated to one of my favourite bands and I joined it because I thought "great, more people to talk to about my favourite band" but it just turned into a group of annoying fans that just used to share their problems with each other and it was pretty negative to see it all over my news feed every single day, so I took the plunge and removed myself from that group and now my Facebook feed isn't cluttered with negativity everyday. 

Remember when liking Facebook pages was a thing? (I wish it still was so people would like mine!) "Pineapples don't belong on Pizzas" was one of the many that I liked back then (I actually like Pineapples on Pizzas). Now that that phase is over, it's all kicked us in the foot because our Facebook feeds are cluttered with rubbish that we really couldn't care about. Recently I spent about 20 minutes unliking as many of these pages as I possibly could and now my Facebook feed is slowly but surely becoming decluttered. 


Twitter is definitely the platform I use mostly to connect with bloggers so I try and only follow accounts that either help me or interest me. However, I have actually had some accounts that just spam and spam all day and with Twitter you want to be chatty and friendly and interesting so what do you do with these accounts? You click unfollow straight away. 

Another great thing that I learnt about when I was doing my Social Media apprenticeship was "lists". I now make private lists on my Twitter - one for 'people I know in real life' so I can keep up with my friends and family and another for 'interesting bloggers and influencers' because I love seeing what bloggers are tweeting about and I love to keep up to date with some of my favourite celebrities too! 


This seems to be a common thing at the moment - a lot of people follow either really, naturally pretty people, with the "perfect figure" etc. or people that just travel the world all the time but instead of this inspiring you it just brings on pure jealousy and you end up leaving Instagram feeling a little rubbish about your life. Some people tend to thrive for the "perfect lifestyle" because all they see on their Instagram is pictures of pretty homes with pretty products laid on a white background but what many people do not know is that these peoples lives tend to be touched up with filters, brightness settings and a very good camera. If you find yourself just getting jealous of these sort of images, unfollow the accounts immediately. 


Some steps I advise you to take, that will ensure you make the most out of your social media accounts are: 

  • Fill your feeds with positive people and reflect your account on positive things. Try not to post every single thing that annoys you on social media. It can definitely be hard (I know from experience) but I'm starting to try and post all the positive things that occur in my life and try to just write negative things down in a journal or talking them out with someone in real life, because the last thing you want to see on your Timehop is a tweet talking about an argument you had with your boyfriend two years ago. 
  • Fill your feeds with inspiring things. I love following accounts on Instagram and Twitter that share recipes, exercises, places to travel and blogging advice that actually make an impact in my life. I also love following accounts that post a lot of quotes because when has a quote not helped you? I love a good quote. 
  • Don't use too many accounts. Sometimes it can get a little overwhelming being involved in too many accounts. I stick to three daily (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) and use Pinterest as more of a place for myself rather than my followers. 
  • Make a Pinterest account. It could change your life. I'm being serious, it's amazing and you can be hooked on it for hours just being inspired to do all sorts of crazy stuff! 
  • Try to get off technology at least half an hour before you go to sleep - this way you'll get a better sleep and use this time to read a book and just relax. 
How does social media affect your life? Let me know if you use any of my tips! 


  1. Great advice! I love following inspiring pages particularly on instagram. Following fitness pages has really helped with my motivation and progress.

    Toni x

  2. I've actually just started meddling with Pinterest and I love it! I've never had a problem with Instagram, but my Facebook also used to be PACKED with unnecessary stuff not too long ago. I stayed for HOURS unliking those pages and unfriending those who just didn't matter anymore lol. That pineapple on pizzas reference made me laugh out loud, I love them!!

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  3. I'm so guilty of being on my social media 24/7, this post is brill! I recently unfollowed all celebs form instagram and no longer find myself sat in the office wishing I was them! You're right about Facebook groups too, some of them can be totally toxic!


  4. I agree with not using too many accounts: some people have multiple accounts in one platform. that's too much to handle for me. The only platform I have a multiple account is Facebook. I have a personal "profile" and a fan "page".. surely they're two different things, right? ;)


  5. This was a brilliant post.. So perfectly organised in itself haha!
    Remember when liking groups on Facebook was the in thing to do, instant regret a few years later when my Facebook was full of "like if you like skittles" and "like if you remember.." Groups haha!

    Great post :)