An August Bank Holiday Staycation

For everybody that doesn't know what the August bank holiday is - it is the last weekend of August, where the Monday is classed as a bank holiday meaning a lot of people get this day off work, shops are usually closed earlier and it also marks the end of the British Summer (sobs). Quite often, us Brits tend to use this bank holiday to get away for the last few days and make the most of the end of Summer - to spend time with loved ones, to do something fun or just to relax. Jetting away for a weekend in Santorini, Paris or Barcelona can be pretty pricey, especially at this time of year so to save a few pennies we could just stay in the UK and have a "staycation". 

August bank holiday is usually fully booked for me as I've been swanning off to Leeds festival every year since 2010, which happens to lie on the August bank holiday. I have experienced some of the greatest shows of my life at this festival and it has a special place in my heart. 

This year, the bank of mum and dad has closed down as I am now and adult and having to fund my own way to Leeds festival doesn't seem as likely as it did every other year. 
Think Money Group is offering bloggers a chance to win their dream staycation in return for hearing where we would go, what we do and who we would go with if we stayed in the UK during the August bank holiday weekend. 

My dream staycation this year would definitely be to go to Leeds again. The line up isn't as exciting for me as it was the last few years so I probably would just go to the festival for one or two of the days. I would love to stay in a hotel in Leeds too as camping at the festival can get a little bit grotty after a few years of doing it. After all, there's nothing much better than having a good wash and a filling breakfast before a day full of dancing and singing to your favourite bands in a muddy field. 
It would also be quite nice to look around the city for some of the time. It's the third largest city in the UK so it would be rude not to go and see what it has to offer. I'm sure me and my boyfriend would be able to find some interesting coffee shops and pretty buildings to have a look around. 

I'd love to hear what you would get up to on a Staycation, whether you're in the UK or from another country! Check out all the details about the competition here


  1. I'm always on staycation.. I'm a couch potato. if not, then I go to restaurants and eat :)


  2. Aw I hope you can go/come! I'm going on the Sunday. and yes it is a brilliant city ;)
    x GNAR MOSH x