2015 Bucket List Update

As we're nearly a third of the way into 2015 I thought it would be appropriate to look at my 2015 bucket list that I wrote at the beginning of January and review everything I aimed to achieve and see if I've actually managed to cross any of them off the list. 

1. Learn to drive

Although my 18th birthday present (last October) was driving lessons, I still haven't managed to even have one yet. However, Ellis is starting his on his birthday and that might make me get mine sorted out so by December I might be able to cross this one off the list. 

2. Get a tattoo

Not happened. I do still want some and I was hoping I'd have a couple by now but I no longer have a steady income coming in so that means I have other things to spend my money on. I did very nearly get myself a Foo Fighters related one when I found out Dave Grohl broke his leg but then I chose to buy clothes instead. 

3. Read two books a month

I think I managed this once...in April. Since the beginning of May I've been reading the same book and I'm still on like the third chapter. 

4. Further my career

Yes and no. I did quit my job in April so that meant not working in Social Media anymore. But I've been blogging more and more instead and had some fantastic opportunities since then and so I will say I have achieved this! 

5. Travel to three countries 

1/3. I went to Lanzarote in April! If I still had a steady income I probably would've been on another holiday by now but I don't. I won't dwell on it because I'm sure a holiday abroad won't be that far away. 

7. Go to four concerts

1/4. I went to see Foo Fighters at Old Trafford, which of course was fandabbydozy. I was meant to go and see them at Wembley too but Dave broke his leg so they cancelled. I was hoping I would be seeing them at Milton Keynes in September but I don't think we can afford it. If I go to Leeds festival in August I'll be able to see quite a few bands so I'm sure this one will be crossed off by the end of the year. 

8. Be consistent with my blogging

I'll admit, I have gone weeks without writing a post now and again but I haven't completely forgotten it and I end up coming back with a whole load of ideas so I'm fine with that. 

9. Have a date night once every two weeks at least (cinema, dinner etc.)

I'm laughing because I don't know how I thought I could afford date nights every two weeks. However, me and Ellis have "free" dates e.g. food at home, watching Netflix and walks in the sunshine. 

10. Visit Brighton

Not yet. My dad is thinking about taking me and Ellis for a short break. It may or may not happen, who knows! 

11. Declutter my house

I have begun this and I'm super proud of myself and my trusty hoover. 

12. Decorate my bedroom

Yes and no. My bedroom at my dads house, no. My bedroom at my mums house, yes. I personally didn't decorate it but I now have a gorgeous pebble-grey wall and pretty fairy lights and Ikea shelves. It looks like a bedroom, hurrah! 

13. Create an office space

No, unless my bed counts. I really want to refurbish an old desk we have and put it in my room so that I have my own little blogging work space. 

14. Work out at least once a week 

Again, laughing. Unless you count "Pushin' the limits" on Sims 4, definitely not. Me and exercise have not met yet. 

15. Eat cleaner 

Unless you count the orange bit in the Jaffa Cakes as eating clean, definitely not. 

16. Drink more water 

No, but I've drank a lot of tea. 

17. Take up yoga 

Not yet. I have no where to do it but I really really want to and when I want something I usually go and get it. 

18. Spend more time with people I love

Definitely saved the best one until last. Without a job I've been able to see my boyfriend, family and friends, whilst also fitting blogging in too. My mum has just moved in round the corner from my dads so I will be seeing a lot more of her. 

So as we can see, I haven't done very well in 8 months. Circumstances have changed a lot though and I think I'm doing quite well at other things, even if these goals haven't all been achieved yet. 

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  1. that is amazing. I want to make a list like this as well so I can actually have something tangible to look at!