What's on my iPhone 6

A few months ago I upgraded my very faulty iPhone 4S for the snazzy iPhone 6. "Why didn't you get the iPhone 6 plus?" you ask. Well for one it was pricier and it's also a little too big. I have pretty small hands so the plus would've been a bit too big to handle. I was bored earlier this week so after watching Victoria from InTheFrow's What's on my iPhone video I was inspired to revamp my phone, so I found this cool picture on Pinterest (type in iPhone 6 wallpapers) and I organised all of my apps into little boxes and leaving my most used ones out. 

All my apps now fit on one page so I never have to scroll through pages of apps to try and find what I'm looking for! I'll start from the top and go down the column. 

1) Photo Gallery
This is obviously a built-in app but I use it all the time to either email myself photos for my blog or just to have a good look through my pictures. I already have 692 photos and 16 videos and I've only had it for three months. Yikes!  

2) Clock
This is another built-in app, that I use every single day to set my alarm. I used to have to set it for 6am when I worked in Sale but at the moment I don't work so I usually set it for around 8.30am if I'm at home. 

3) WhatsApp
I use WhatsApp to talk to two people, my dad and my best friend because they both don't get free texts and WhatsApp runs on data so it's a great way to talk to people with unlimited data or people abroad! 

4) YouTube 
I use YouTube every single day to catch up on Youtubers. Some of my favourites are Tanya Burr, Zoella, Marcus Butler, Jim Chapman, Fleur de Force, Beauty Crush to name a few. 

5) Instagram 
Another app that I use all the time! Instagram gives me inspiration for blogging and just everyday things like food, health, beauty and fashion. I'm trying to up my Instagram game so please follow me: @jenniewren3x

6) Snapchat
I've started to use Snapchat more now and I love catching up on some of my favourite bloggers snaps such as Em Sheldon, Zoe London, Velvetgh0st and Essie Button. My name is jenfarnellxx so feel free to add me! 

7) Messages
Seeing as I text my boyfriend every minute of the day, this is probably my most used app. Of course. 

8) Camera 
I love the iPhone 6 camera, the photos are much better quality than the earlier iPhone models. I use my iPhone for most of my blog images! 

9) Music 
I love listening to music, however when I updated my phone I lost all of them other than the purchased ones so currently my library only consists of Foo Fighters, Paramore, QOTSA, Slipknot, Avenged Sevenfold, You Me At Six and Deaf Havana. 

10) Calendar 
I won't lie, I don't use my calendar often I only use it if somebody says "What day is the 10th June?" and I just get my calendar out and find that the answer is Wednesday. That's probably the furthest my use of the calendar goes. 

11) Shazam 
I think Shazam was a fantastic invention. It's an app you can use to find out the name and artist of a song by just letting it listen to a bit of it. So if you are in a coffee shop and you like a song you can just get Shazam out and in a matter of seconds you can go and purchase the song on iTunes. 

12) Maps
I love having Maps on my phone because when I'm on a bus to somewhere I haven't been before I can get my phone out and it'll show me where I currently am. It also works as a GPS too so when I have to walk around the streets of Manchester and don't have a clue where I am I can just follow Maps. Brilliant. 

13) Bloglovin' 
I use Bloglovin' all the time to catch up on my favourite bloggers and to find new bloggers. I think whoever invented it was a genius and I thank them so much that I get so much reading material for free. 
You can follow my Bloglovin here

14) Mail 
I use my Mail all the time to make sure I can read my emails on the go. 

15) Chrome 
I recently switched from Safari to Chrome and I'm so glad I did because it's so much better and easier to maneuver. 

16) Notes
I use my Notes app to jot down any blog ideas, shopping lists or songs that I think of out and about. 

17) Settings
Obviously got to have this. I keep it out of a box because I use it quite often because I like to change things around all the time. 

18) FaceTime
Probably one of the greatest inventions ever. I use this every night and throughout the day to speak to Ellis. 

19) Weather
A lot of people criticize the default Weather app but I actually really like it. It shows the weather by the hour, the temperature, if the day is going to be sunny, cloudy, rainy, storms, snow. I also love how it shows the time the sun rises and the time the sun sets too! 

20) App Store
I use the App Store quite often actually as I like to see what apps are trending and see if there's anything that I'd like. 

21) Phone
I keep my Phone app where it's easy to get to as I use it all the time. I have a list of a few people as my "Favourites" that I ring constantly so I don't have to go searching for them. 

22) Blogging Box

This category has all the things that I use that has some sort of relation to blogging. 

The Sunrise app is a great app for people that like to organise. It can sync with your google calendar too so that all your dates are with each other. I must admit I should use this more than I do, I usually just use it to schedule in dentist and doctor appointments! 

I absolutely love Pinterest. I have pin boards for things such as travel, health and fitness, home decor ideas, quotes and tattoo inspiration! 

This is a paid app but it's a great app for editing your images and you can add some pretty cool effects to them! 

I have loved this app ever since I got myself back into reading. It's a great way to see what your friends are reading and to find new books you probably wouldn't pick up from the shelf! 

This is a new app on my phone and I've not used it much but it's a scheduling app that schedules....Instagram photos! ((AND IT'S FREE!!) I'm sure every blogger reading this will go and download it now! 

  • Calculator
I use my calculator all the time to calculate how poor I am or to find out how long it would take me to save up for very expensive handbags (too long). 

I haven't been using Dropbox for long but it's a great cloud storage app for anybody with a low storage phone (like me) that takes a lot of photos and has a lot of music (like me also). I think I'm going to upgrade because for £7.99 a month I can get a terabyte of data (nerd alert: I'm excited).

Not particularly blogging related (I didn't know which other category to put it in). I am not a viner and probably will not ever do a decent vine because I'm not very funny. I use vine to make myself laugh by looking at funny vines and also to watch my boyfriends (Follow him: Willabooby) because his are hilarious! 

A great app if you're interested to see who has followed you and who hasn't followed you. It works for both Twitter and Instagram too! 

I must admit I don't use this very often and I've only recently downloaded it but it is a great app so that you don't have to crop any of your images to fit the Instagram default square size! 

23) Apps Box 

This is the category full of things like my bank app, my points cards apps and things to do with shopping! 

  • iTunes Store
I don't use the iTunes Store often, purely because I'd rather buy physical copies of the albums and songs I love. 

I actually haven't even got my card linked up to this anymore but it's a great app if you want to see how many points you have on your card just before you head into Costa! 

I use this quite a lot at the moment because I've been selling some of my things! It's super simple to sell things and you can relist them easily too!

I use this app to find out how much data I have left on my phone and to check I haven't gone over on my phone bill. 

Just the average PayPal app to be able to get paid for things I sell on eBay and Depop. 

I think I only ever use this when I can watch Made In Chelsea 48 hours earlier! 

I love being able to check my bank account from my phone, saves a trip to the cash machine! 

I don't use Amazon often but it's useful to have an app for when I do! 

I love Quidco. You can get cash back on loads of things like booking hotels, flights, shopping at debenehams, eating out. 

  • Health
This app came with the phone but I think it's a great way to track how many steps your doing and I've filled in the emergency information that anybody can access if something happens to me. 

A bad app that lets you order takeaways. Very bad. Good when Eurovision is on though. 

Me and my dad were thinking about moving so I have been using the app to see what the houses are like that are on the market. 

Don't really shop at Argos often (or ever). I think I just downloaded the app because my mum wanted me to search for something and she always seems incapable to do it herself on her own phone! 

I don't use this often but Ticketmaster is one of the best sites to get your concert tickets from! 

I'm not really making full use of my Boots app. If I actually sign in my advantage card on it I'll actually know how many points I have gained on there! 

Great app to find vouchers for anything. I haven't shopped for a while but when I do I like to be as thrifty as I can! 

Not actually used this app once but I have used an app like this in the past and it's a great way to track how well you sleep and a great way to wake up feeling better. 

Okay this is a period tracker (we all need one! Girls anyway)! It's always good to know how far away your period is so you can start understanding why you have a zillion spots and why you're so cranky every single day! 

Don't use BuzzFeed very often but we all need a bit of it in our lives anyway. 

Another bad app that makes you eat too much. Comes with a brilliant Pizza tracker though. 

Downloaded it the other day as I need to make some cash ASAP. So easy to use! Check mine out here

24) Fun Apps 

This category consists of all the apps that make me laugh or smile or entertain me in any way. 

I don't actually watch much on BBC at the moment but it was very useful when I was an active Eastenders viewer. 

Again another app I don't use much anymore but I did back when I was a Corrie fan! 

I love Netflix but I don't actually use the app often because I hate holding my phone still for ages and tend to text every minute which always makes me not watch the programme properly! 

I don't watch much on Channel 4 anymore but it was great when I had Gogglebox and First Dates to watch! 

A very addictive game that doesn't have lives so you can actually play it whenever you want (!!!!) I recommend. 

I love Timehop because I love seeing what I was doing 2/3/4 years ago. I must admit the 5 years stories are always the cringiest (usually quoting a very rubbish NDubz song on my Facebook status). 

Don't laugh but this is probably my favourite app ever. Every time a plane flies over my house or wherever I am I can check what sort of plane it is and where it's going to. I'm a plane genius now! I like to kid people into thinking that I got it so that my nephew can use it to find planes but that's totally a lie it's used daily by myself only. And I paid for it. 

I made the idiotic move and subscribed to this when I had Geordie Shore to watch. It barely ever worked though so I wouldn't waste your money. 

When Demand 5 actually works it's a great way to catch up on the night before's Big Brother. 

  • Podcasts
I think once, one day, a long long time ago I actually listened to about 5 minutes of a Podcast on the way home from work. Other than that, nope. I can't find any I like, I was listening to one about the Tudors! 

I paid for this one but it's a great one to use for some entertainment with family and friends. I've only actually played it once with my dad but I think I will start using it more with my family! 

Yes I am one of the people that gets involved with the polls on Big Brother! 

I only ever really listen to the radio whenever there's a Leeds Festival announcement or Dave Grohl is on. 

25) Travel Box 

This is the category full of things to do with travel, whether that's locally or internationally! 

I used Expedia to book my holiday to Lanzarote and it was great to know my itinerary. 

I use the buses all the time and this app lets me view the timetables and helps me find out which ones I should get if I'm going somewhere new. 

I don't live in Brighton, nor do I go very often. Me and Ellis went last December and I used this app a few times to get a few taxis so I've kept it because I think I'm going back to Brighton in a few months so it'll be useful once again. 

I flew with Jet 2 when I went to Lanzarote and it allows you to check in via the app and book your seats, meals and any extra luggage which is brilliant. 

When I worked in Sale I had to get the Metrolink every day, twice a day so this app came in use a lot then so that I could find out what the service was going to be like. 

I love Booking.com! I can always find really good deals and a lot of the time you can pay later too so you can reserve a room and not have to pay until you actually go to the hotel! 

I don't use trains very often but it is a useful app for when I go to London or Brighton or anywhere else by train! 

Sometimes (when going to London) you can find better deals on the Virgin site so that's why I have the app to compare. 

26) Utilities Box

This is the category for all the apps that I don't use much or that don't fit anywhere. I don't actually use any of them other than too. 

I think this is a great app to see what jobs are available near you. I've been successful with it a few times now! 
I use this app when there's an event coming up that I want to countdown (usually birthdays, holidays and concerts). 

27) Facebook Box

This is a simple box with my apps that are related to Facebook. 

Sadly I do still use Facebook. Mostly just to be nosy. You can find my Facebook page here

Facebook decided it would be a brilliant idea for there to be an app that you had to have to be able to talk to your friends on Facebook. Stupid idea if you ask me. 

Probably my most used app. I love being able to connect with so many bloggers on there and I love stalking some of my favourite people! You can follow me on Twitter here

Well that's it. That is all that is on my iPhone 6. What apps do you have? I'd love more recommendations. I always have room for more. 

Jennie Wren x 

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  1. I have a very limited apps in my phone since I don't like clutter. Although, looking at people's iPhones, it makes me feel like I'm not doing enough with mine!