Two Years of JennieWren3

First of all, Happy Birthday to my blog! Where have the last two years gone? I can remember the day I started writing it. I titled it "Jennie's Jottings" back then and my first post was a review of Paramore's album "Paramore". The day before was my last GCSE exam so I just wanted to have something to do. 

To say I've been a consistent blogger would be a lie, I do plan to change this though. I started my blog as a hobby because I just love to write, I never thought I'd have as many readers as I do now. I never thought that brands would want to work with me and I'd meet so many lovely bloggers through writing it. 

I'm still no expert. Over the past two years I think I've learnt more about blogging than I learnt about any subject at high school (over five years). I've self-taught myself about Google Analytics, html, SEO, social media marketing and so much more. 

I got a job because of my blog! I just find it amazing that by writing something actually made an employer want me to work for them. 

I feel like JennieWren3 has only just really begun and I plan for so much more to evolve from it. My first aim is to blog more consistently, Monday to Friday and schedule in advance to ensure I can do it. I would love to have a redesign but money is an issue there but hopefully it can happen. 

I'm really looking forward to the future of my blog and I can't wait for you all to enjoy it with me. 


  1. There are so many wonderful things that can come from blogging. It just keeps getting better & better and I'm super excited for where my blog is heading! And it looks like your blog has brought you lots of fab things, especially your job!
    Bee x

  2. yey congrats!!! :) Isn't it such a good feeling to know you've been blogging for a while?