Thanks, Dad


Thank you for being the best Dad I could dream of having. 

For the last 18 years you have been not only my Dad but also one of my bestest friends. 
Some of my earliest memories are laughing at your feet..."this is daddy toe" and being obsessed with your frog drawings! 

You have taken me on some of my greatest adventures including Brighton, where you let me see one of the greatest places in Britain. You have led me around Macclesfield more times than I can remember, showing me all the places you went to when you were a little boy. 

You've been the only parent out of all my friends' to wave me off on school trips and you would take me and my friends around theme parks, hold our bags and take pictures of us whilst we go on the rides! 

You've given me so much to allow me to have a great life but you've also ensured that I be taught the right things. You taught me from a young age that smoking, taking drugs and drinking alcohol are bad habits and I don't do any (apart from drink like a few times a year!) 

You still to this day help me out. You lend me money when I'm in need, you make some of the greatest meals I have ever eaten and you never fail to make me a nice cutta' tea when I really need one! 

You've taught me not to get myself into a dead end job and shown me that it's possible to do whatever you want whenever you want...even if that's going to University at 47! 

So Dad, I just want to let you know you're a great person and even when I strop and argue with you I still think you're great. 

Lots of Love

Jenbalina! xxx


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