Life in May

Every single month is different so I thought I would start a monthly series to let you all know what I've been up to each month and how I've been feeling. 

Well I started May being a blogaholic but it seems that didn't last long as I didn't post much this month at all. I ordered a hell of a lot of books from Amazon with a voucher that I got from work and if you saw this post I vowed to read three books this month. Well that didn't really work. I finished Paper Towns and I absolutely loved it. I'm going to read a few more of John Green's novels because they are right up my street! I started All The Light We Cannot See but failed because it was too confusing for my little brain (I'll have to read it when my brain has matured). Instead I decided I would read All The Bright Places next and I did actually carry it around everywhere with me but...I never ended up even opening a page. However I also had Blog Inc to read and I have been enjoying that for the past few weeks, learning lots of new tips on blogging. 

May means bank holidays and the first one was fabulous. I took advantage of my mum and sisters being free at the same time and we all headed up to Hollingworth lake with the kids. I love days like this, I love nature but I especially love car journeys with my nephew because he is definitely on my level. 

The day after I finally sorted out my fillings. I had THREE. I sat for what I think was an hour in the dentist chair with two people messing about in my mouth with drills and things, gross. I then came out and had a very numb mouth, much to a lot of people's amusement. 

Me and Ellis took a trip to the Trafford Centre with no funds but just for a good look around. We actually ended up spending money which wasn't a good idea, but I did get another new mug from the Disney Store. 

I got to vote too and if you want to know who I voted for you can read one of my earlier posts

I actually drank an alcoholic beverage in May as well. Actually, I had a few with my friend Rachel, which wasn't my wisest choice because I woke up the day after feeling extremely rough and remembering exactly why I don't drink very often. 

I got new hair too! I spent like six hours in my boyfriend's parents hairdressers getting ombre hair and I absolutely love it! If you're in the Manchester area and you want your hair done check out Pierre Alexandre on King Street West. 

I had a Eurovision night with my mum. It failed, she fell asleep and woke up when it had pretty much finished questioning why Germany had nil points! 

I then managed become very ill (I had a temperature and my muscles ached like mad and I thought I was dying) the day before the foo fighters gig so I spent my day in bed with netflix, strawberries and chicken soup. I woke up the next convincing myself I was better because I was seeing Foo Fighters, however I still had no appetite so at 3pm when we were in the car I discovered I was very very hungry and I had never felt hunger like when waiting for our Harry Ramsdens and the service was extremely slow. 

Foo Fighters were fantastic though! Dave Grohl definitely gave me a few cheeky grins now and again, I swear! I have been coping with the Post-Gig Blues for several days now, I just can't wait to see them in Wembley! You can read more about that show here.

I've been offered an interview too for a Travel Agent job in my local town which I'm looking forward too. I love travelling and I love talking about different countries so I think I'd be pretty good for the job. It's an apprenticeship too which is always a bonus because I'll be educated whilst working and earning a wage. 

I've spent a lot of the last week just watching films on my own. I've watched Eat Pray Love and Single Moms Club and the first film made me just want to travel right now. 

I've put a lot of my clothes onto my Depop account to fund my trip to Wembley so please buy something, everything is under £10! 

I've been really into Snapchatting too, you can add me if you'd like - my name is jenfarnellxx - warning: my stories can be long and annoying. 

What do I want from June? I hope to ace this interview. I've missed working and being at home now is pretty boring! I'd like to raise enough money to fund my trip to Wembley and then have an awesome time seeing Foo Fighters again there. My mum has also just got the keys to her new house, which is just around the corner from my house so I can't wait to start moving everything in and sorting out the rooms! It's my nieces 2nd birthday so I hope she has a brilliant day. She's managed to get chicken pox from her brother so I hope she's not ill by then. I think I may be going to Macclesfield at some point with Ellis and my dad to put down some flowers at my grandmas grave. I'd also like to blog a lot more...let's hope! 

How has your May been? What are you up to this June? 

Jennie Wren x 


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