8 simple pleasures to cheer you up

Recently I've found myself moaning because I can't afford a holiday or something to cheer me up and that job-hunting is failing and basically I have no money to spend. Being a shopaholic and enjoying purchasing things that make me happy means that when I am refrained from doing this because I haven't got any sort of fortune; I get down. 

Today I decided to think of those small pleasures that can quickly turn a frown upside down and generally just add a little bit of sunshine in what seems like a gloomy day. 

Whether you buy a £1.50 bunch from Aldi or go up-market and get some extra snazzy ones from M&S or even just pick them from your blooming garden; simply placing a vase with some colourful flowers in a place you spend a lot of time in can actually (scientifically) make you happier. This is a recent way of causing my happiness. I never used to buy flowers as I live with my dad and he doesn't bother with them but I've now got my own little vase and I love buying myself a new bunch now and again. 

Reading not only makes you happier but it makes you calmer overall. Although I read blog posts and news articles the most; I find that reading actual books, whether fiction or non-fiction, is the most effective source. When reading blog posts online I find that I'm easily distracted by notifications and online shopping however when I have an actual book in hand I can shut off all the technology and really just focus on the words. 

Shutting Off
Lately I've found that I'm actually really addicted to my phone. It's kind of a problem as I literally just check it after only just locking it all the time. Sometimes I'll have no real need to be on it; I just scroll through the same Instagram pictures and refresh my emails and maybe have a cheeky game of Sonic Dash. It also annoys me how it takes over my time with other people too - I just always want to be on my phone! Recently I've started laying off the phone a little bit and instead using my time to do other things such as reading, tidying, organising, listening to some music and even just having a conversation with somebody. 

If you have a house full of rubbish (like me) then this is a brilliant way to make yourself happy. What's better than having a little bit more space because you've got rid of stuff you just do not need? I have a long way to go yet but so far I'm really enjoying it! 

Having baths has always been a source for my overall positivity. I just love being able to relax in a beautiful-scented bubble bath, listening to soft music with no distractions. It's a great way to just be

Eat whatever you want. My go-to pick me up food is either a punnet of strawberries, a tube of Jaffa Cakes or a tub of Ben and Jerry's. Whether it's healthy or not quite so healthy just scoff it if it's going to cheer you up. 
Warning: Do not eat too much bad food - now and again won't hurt though! 

Whenever I write a post on here or just tweet something or text a message or write a list I feel a little bit better. I don't know why but I think writing has just always been a way for me to reflect myself and so I always find it helps me. 

Music is the obvious choice here. I always love listening to some of my favourite bands but I also love discovering new artists too. Spotify really is a great way to discover new music you may enjoy because it recommends stuff related to those you love already. I also love listening to life as well. Other people, birds, planes, cars. Currently there are two little boys running down my street shouting at each other - this one isn't a great example. 

What's your pick-me-up? 

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  1. my pick me up is One Direction, being a couch potato, and doing absolutely nothing. it's the easiest way for me to de-stress.