Why I voted Conservative

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Unless you have been living under a rock, or you have no care in the world about British politics, then you will be aware that last week it was announced that we now have a Conservative government. It was my first year to vote and before turning 18 I had no real interest in politics. I didn't understand the different parties and what they stood for. I noticed on Social Media that this election was getting a lot of coverage and everybody, whether it be a blogger I followed or my mum was talking about the election so I thought I better show a little bit of interest. 

In 2010, when we had the last election, I was only 13 so I really had no interest in it. Politics has never been an interest of mine, I just never understood it. I could have taken Politics in sixth form and then maybe I would've understood it more but I didn't.

I turned 18 in October last year and as the election had been nearing I decided I should probably vote, for the sake of my 20-something year old self in a few years. That's what people forget, we may not care much about politics when it's our time to vote but in a few years time when it matters to us we'll regret it! 

I felt pressured to vote too, because all over my Social Media were young voters tell us that we should all vote and we should vote for WHOEVER WE WANT

So for the past few months I have been studying every single party and seeing which ones I liked the most. There were policies I really agreed to and then some I would find myself questioning what they even meant and then ignoring them. Maybe if I understood the policies a little better I would have voted a different party, however, although by only a few points, there was a policy that had won me over. So on the 7th of May I voted Conservative. 

Announcing this online is a very brave thing for me to do because to my confusion the majority of people I see on my news feed are attacking anybody that voted Conservative. 

Don't get me wrong, I can understand why some people are disappointed but surely Conservative wouldn't have got a majority if they were that bad? 

I voted Conservative because I've actually always liked David Cameron. I thought he was the strongest leader out of each and I felt that he could actually deliver on what he had promised. I myself am not going to University unlike a lot of other people I know and so the addition of apprenticeships and minimum wage being raised is pretty ideal. I was also focusing on policies to do with on how much we would be taxed within our income as within the next five years I'm pretty sure I'm going to be in a stable job. I was looking at the education and childcare promises for young children as I have lots of a nephew and nieces that will be starting school within the next five years and childcare is pretty expensive. I picked up that Conservatives promised on focusing on making Mental Health a bigger priority which is a pretty important issue for me too. 

There were lots of policies that I liked from Labour, Lib Dem, Greens and yes, even UKIP but Conservative were the ones that I liked the most and that's what did it for me. 

The hate needs to stop. It made me feel rubbish seeing everybody on Twitter and Facebook call the Conservative voters horrible names, such as stuck up, idiots, only thinking about themselves and their money. I'm not being funny but i'm 18 with no money so that's starting to say something about some of their voters. 

And all this talk about getting rid of the NHS needs to stop...because lets be honest the NHS will never be completely privatised and it is not the government that is ruining it for us - it's the abusers. It's the people that get paracetamol and ibuprofen for free when they can get it cheap from Boots anyway. It's the people like Josie Cunningham that gets cosmetic surgery done on the NHS with no reason behind it. 

If you want to make people continue voting in the elections then why attack them for supporting one particular party? As I have learnt these past few months, the young vote is important. 

I do hope that Conservatives do Great Britain proud and make us a stronger nation, we will just have to see within the next five years. 


Jennie Wren x 

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