Foo Fighters at Emirates Old Trafford

Anybody that knows me or has read my blog for a while knows that I am the ultimate Foo Fighter's fan. When I was 11 I remember putting The Pretender on whilst we were in the kitchen and I immediately loved them. Since then I've seen them play some of their best sets at Milton Keynes Bowl in 2011 and at Leeds Festival in 2012 and last night I got to see them rock out at Emirates Old Trafford, Manchester, where I am actually from. 

It's a beautiful feeling seeing your favourite band play on your own home soil. When we heard they were coming to the UK I managed to get some tickets for Wembley and didn't really think much of going to see them at Old Trafford. Luckily my mum was offered four complimentary tickets for Old Trafford so went and joined Ellis' parents to see them there. 

The day before the gig I woke up feeling awful. I had a high temperature, all my muscles were in agony and my throat was killing. So the day before I spent the day in bed drinking hot fluids and trying to get myself better. 

I thought i'd woken up feeling a lot better but maybe I was just convincing myself so that I had a good time at the show. 

Well I still managed to drag myself there even if I was in pain and felt rubbish. After picking up my mum from work we went to Harry Ramsdens near the Cricket Ground for some pre-gig grub. I hadn't eaten all day and I was feeling awful whilst there. 

We got to LCCC at about half 6. We had seated tickets but we realised we could actually stand so instead of sitting away from Dave Grohl, me and Ellis decided to stay with his parents and watched them up close for once. 

We missed both support acts but we weren't too interested in them anyway and we had heard some pretty rubbish reviews from people who had seen them. 

At 8 my favourite band in the world entered onto the stage and greeted us with one of their greatest hits, Everlong. I love this song as it's my mums absolute favourite song and I kept looking up to her to make sure she was standing up dancing! 

They then went onto playing Monkey Wrench and Learn to Fly, two songs from back int' day. They then played a mixture of new and old hits such as Something from Nothing and Congregation to Big Me and Long Road to Ruin. 

Dave even said he wanted to play something that wasn't on the set list - White Limo, one of their heavier songs and they absolutely killed it as always. 

They played a few covers of old rock bands such as Queen and AC/DC which I'm not that keen on because I'd rather watch them play more of their own music, but everybody else enjoyed it so I'm obviously just quite picky! 

They also played some acoustic versions of Skin and Bones and My Hero at the end of the runway and then Dave saw this little boy in the crowd singing his lyrics and invited him and his mum on stage with him to sing Times Like These and oh my god I CRIED. I was having an emotional day and that just put the cherry on the icing because it was so sweet and I just wished I was that little boy or his mum being able to go on stage with DAVE FRICKIN GROHL. I am definitely going to have to drag my nephew with me to one of their shows so I can get on stage with the Foo Fighters. 

The Foo Fighters announced they don't do encores, they were just going to play as much as they could in the little time they had left. So they ended the show with some of my favourite songs including All My Life, These Days, Outside, Breakout and Best of You. 

I love how much they love the fans and they really do give it their all in every show they play. Although I love Dave Grohl, I do love that he doesn't speak too much throughout the show to ensure that they can play as many songs they can. I only had one glass of wine but for some reason I felt quite drunk and very confident throughout it all. I'm quite shy so I always confuse myself when I get to a Foo Fighters show and jump about and scream like mad and dance for three hours straight. 

I'm sad that it's over now but I love how it's made me a happier person seeing my favourite band and how it's inspired my boyfriend to continue his drumming so that one day he can be playing at stadiums like the Foo Fighters do. Bring on Wembley in June! 


Jennie Wren x 


  1. woo! I'm glad they didn't do encores either, they piss me off. Dave was sooo funny. Top crowd banter. I got really emotional at Everlong! I kinda wish they played Times Like These but was happy we got em for 2.5 hours :)
    x GNAR MOSH x

  2. Wow, what a great experience! I really like Foo Fighters too, but have never got the opportunity to see them. The story about the little boy is just so cute! xx