7 Good Things About Growing Up

I wrote a post the other day called 7 Bad Things About Growing Up and I had a few people telling me that it isn't that bad growing up! Of course I know it's not that bad growing up that's why there were only 7 things that I listed and so I'm going to list 7 Good Things About Growing Up (although there is probably more!) 

1) Independence
It's great being able to go out somewhere and not have to ask permission to do that. When you start growing up you feel like you can finally unleash your craziness in the world, travel, stay out late, get drunk (although I probably do that less often than I did when I was younger and rebellious). 

2) Spending money on whatever the hell you like
As long as you can afford it that is. But making your own money means you can spend it on whatever you want. That £30 cleanser you wanted since you were 16? You can get that and you won't have to save up for about six weeks to afford it! 

3) Seeing life differently
I personally see this as a great thing and a big part of my growing up chapter. In school and college I could argue for England with anybody I didn't particularly like. Don't get me wrong, if I feel strongly about something still I will speak up and stick up for myself, but with petty things I've just shoved them under a rock. Trust me, there's no point spending your mature life bringing up petty arguments you had with your old best friend three years ago when you are both probably two different people now and have bigger things to worry about like...money. I've also noticed I love trying to see my life positively now and spend it doing things I really enjoy doing around people I really like. 

4) Taking care of your insides
I'm only just reaching this step in adulthood. When I was young and foolish I would eat McDonalds at least three times a week, not realising how much rubbish was in it. I've definitely realised over the past year how important it is to eat the right foods and to look after yourself. Although, I definitely need more practice here. 

5) Having better opinions of yourself
I think society definitely pressures teens to feel like they can't be seen without make up, in scruffy clothes or wearing spectacles. As I've matured I've realised it's better to have clearer, comfortable skin and be able to actually see where you're going than look "good". I have no problem at all wearing my glasses outside now and I haven't been seen outside without them for a good eight months! 

6) Understanding Politics and Business
Well I think this is a cool one. I genuinely couldn't understand anything to do with Politics or anything to do with the business life. Now I'm planning on voting in the General Election and I'm starting to write a business plan. It makes me feel very grown up actually knowing what a coalition is. 

7) Being Older
I love being 18, walking into the shop to maybe buy a bottle of wine (once every year of course) and actually being able to show my own ID when being asked. It's also brilliant watching the cashiers face when you actually are the person on the photo. Isn't it funny when they thoroughly look at it and then look at you and look at it again as if they think they have to double check it's you when you have a distinctive facial feature that matches such as A MOLE ON THE CHIN. 

That is all in my good and bad things about growing up. How are you finding growing up? Or are you already a grown up? I'd like to know a few more good things so that I can maybe see how that is in my life! 


Jennie Wren x 


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