Put me in Summer and I'll be a happy Snowman!

Of course I just used a quote from Olaf (Frozen) to title my blog post dedicated to the best season ever! I don't know why I like Summer so much all of a sudden, I used to hate it. Summer used to mean I had to get my legs out (scary), feet out (scarier) and all my make up would sweat off (scariest) but now I love the season. It's probably because I've grown up and realised there is more to life than the way I look and I'd rather make really good memories then constantly care about what other people think of me. There are so many things I just love about Summer so I'll let you into a few of them...

Fresh Air 
The feeling of being able to actually let fresh air to your legs, arms and feet is such a great feeling. Think about how many times we have those featured cover up over autumn and winter when we're outside the house because it's freezing. Then when we get home we get changed and cover them with some thick pyjamas, dressing gowns and fuzzy socks...these poor little parts of our bodies never get to breathe and now they finally do! 

Ice Cream
As much as I love ice cream, I struggle to eat it when it's like minus degrees outside so as soon as the sun starts to shine I have the best excuse ever to get some ice cream. Ben and Jerry's is always an obvious choice for me but I also love getting two scoops of honeycomb and caramel ice cream from Thorntons and walking home with it. There is also nothing more exciting than hearing the ice cream van come down your street and actually having some change on you and being able to get the money before the ice cream van drives off and then coming back with a knicker bocker glory (whoever invented that name was slightly mad). 

In Winter and Autumn my wardrobe probably consists mostly of black clothing so when the Sun decides to make an appearance I love to finally add some colour to my wardrobe. I love wearing pinks and mints especially on my nails and I tend to go for lighter shades on my lips, otherwise I feel like I'm too "done up". 

If you're lucky enough to have yearly holidays in the Summer then I suppose this would be a plus for you! I tend to go on holiday in Winter and Spring because it's cheaper and less busy but I am hopefully off to Brighton for a week in August which is something to look forward to! 

Music Festivals 
Probably my favourite part of Summer is the music. Every year since 2010 I have gone to Leeds Festival so it's always something I look forward to for the end of my Summer. This year Metallica are playing which is going to be pretty damn good. But wait a minute, there's some other band that I really love that I'm seeing twice before I go to Leeds who could it be? FOO FIGHTERS. Oh yeah, I'm seeing them twice, once in May and once in June and I will be going to Wembley to see them. Maybe I'll see Dave get teary like he did last time he went to Wembley. As you can tell, I'm very excited to see them. 

Well I only bought a vase about two weeks ago when I got some Tulips from work and needed one! But flowers are so pretty and I love seeing them in my mum's garden and seeing them in the park. Am I getting old?

My favourite part about Summer is the memories I have already made and the memories I shall be making. Most of my best memories are in Summer and it's because I get to do lots of things with all the family and especially my boyfriend, Ellis. I love going on walks or just going anywhere and being in great company. Best thing ever. 

What's your favourite thing about Summer? My Olaf teddy inspired me to do this blog post as I was singing his song for him. 


Jennie Wren x 

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  1. I adore summer too and all but the music festivals completely relate to me too. It also means we have more dry bird watching sessions in. The only thing that isn't great is that the amount of people out and about with dogs makes walking my dog more difficult due to his fear.

    It seemed for a while that summer was just around the corner, though here at least we've slipped back a little with a lot of chilly days. Heres to it reappearing soon! :D

    Best wishes, Danielle xo