Paul Walker

When I found out Paul Walker had passed away I was at Ellis' house. Although I had only watched a few of the Fast and Furious films at that point, and when I was much younger so I didn't have much knowledge of who he was and what he was like. In all honesty, I didn't feel sad because he was famous, because he was this really cool actor in one of the best films from my life time. I felt sad because he was a person. Paul Walker had a family, he was a dad and somewhere in the world there was his daughter who sadly now did not have her dad. I was sad because I saw my boyfriend get upset because he was a fan and he loved cars and he loved Paul Walker and it really did upset him. I was sad because the thing that Paul Walker loved was driving fast cars and that thing that he loved sadly killed him. 

Today I saw the latest Fast and Furious film with Ellis. The film features Paul Walker for approximately the first half and then he is replaced with Paul's brother for the second half so that the film didn't just have to kill the character off. 

The entire film I felt was a memorial to Paul Walker. I felt that Paul was the centerpiece of the story line. At the end of the film was a very deep finish to the film dedicated to Paul. It was the most thoughtful ending to a film I have ever watched. It focused on his family life and the importance of brotherhood and just what Paul meant to the Fast and Furious cast. 

I never thought that a film about super cars and fighting could actually make me learn something so serious. I learnt that life is too short and it is for living. Paul Walker lived his life the best he could doing what he absolutely loved. 

After today I am going to do what I love. I'm going to spend less time worrying about small problems and spend more time enjoying myself doing things that I love. 

I honestly couldn't recommend a film anymore than I could recommend this. 

Rest in Peace Paul Walker. 

Lots of Love
Jen xo 


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