How To Live A Peaceful Life Around Stressful People

For a while now I have been trying to live in a world of mindfulness. You're probably thinking that I meditate, live in a minimalist house and eat foods that are really good for me to help my mind, but I can assure you I do not. 

Over the past few years I noticed that I'm quite a stressful person. Whenever I was going to be in a situation I wasn't used to and was scared of I would get myself completely worked up about it...I'm talking palpitations, tears, sleepless nights. I still try and put the pieces of the puzzle together and I'm still asking myself 'why was I the chosen one to feel like this when other people I know feel fine in these situations?' because quite frankly I thought I was the only person that felt so different. 

Now I've matured a little and realised that I am not the only person that gets anxious so often and there are so many ways that you can help yourself to get out of the rut you're posts and books I especially recommend. 

But even after you have helped yourself feel sort of at ease in life you then have the burden of dealing with everybody else. This may sound familiar if you have a mum that takes on everybody else's problems, a dad that has too much work to do and siblings that are going through their own mind messes. Sometimes you forget that your life doesn't consist of just you it has everybody else in it and when they are going through rough times it's hard not to let them affect your mental state. 

As I've said in previous blog posts, 2015 has not been the best for myself and the people I love. It just hasn't gelled as I expected it would. We have all had our own problems to deal with and we have all taken on each others problems to the extreme and it hasn't been too good for us. I'm going to share with you some tips on how to live that peaceful life whilst you're around stressful people. 

Stop Taking On Everybody's Problems

Focus on yourself. I have been saying this to my mum over and over again for the past few weeks. It is so hard not to take on other people's problems especially if they are family and you just want them to be happy. You have to start thinking about your own happiness rather than focusing on everybody else's, especially if the people you care about are adults. They can all deal with their problems themselves and sometimes things they do may not be to the way you would hope but in their head it may work out well, and if it doesn't - let them make their own mistakes. Just let them know you are there if they need you and don't mix yourself within issues that don't involve you. 

Explain How You Feel

If you find yourself in the punching bag situation - where somebody your close to lets out how stressed they are to you all the time and it is starting to affect your happiness - let them know. They might not realise that letting out their problems to you constantly is having such a negative affect on your life and once you tell them they will probably cut down the amount of times that they spend letting you know how stressed they are. This is not an excuse to tell them you don't care because to be honest you probably really do care about their mental state if they're somebody you're close to but you both just need to be aware of how you're both feeling and how you're affected. 

Separate Yourself

This isn't an excuse to completely isolate yourself but having some alone time is great for your mind if everybody else around you is stressed too. Do something that really makes you happy, have a bath, read, write, watch Netflix, listen to music, do some online shopping - anything that makes you happy. There is no law against having your own space and nobody should be making you feel bad for wanting it so make sure you get some of it in there. I like to spend my Sunday afternoons to myself and it really does get my happiness levels high. 

Detox Your Relationships

Toxic relationships should not be happening anymore. I definitely found after leaving high school that the people I classed my friends were not really friends at all and the sooner I got them out of my life the better. And my life is better now. Detoxifying your relationships is a huge factor in your happiness. Why surround yourself with horrible people when you're not horrible yourself? Do you have 2000 friends on Facebook and a news feed full of people you don't know / moan about every aspect of their life? I did and I recently just deleted everybody I didn't know or people I didn't speak to anymore. Now I have a fabulous news feed full of my family and friends and people that just put up nice things. 

At the end of the day, having a peaceful life does not need to consist of meditation, yoga, healthy, raw foods. Your life is simply what you make of it and if you allow other people to map out the way your mind works then your life is never going to be peaceful. It's in your body, your head so you decide how you feel. 


Jennie Wren x


  1. Hi there! ^^ I totally agree with you because it's important to live your own life. My aunt is like your mother, she is always trying to help other people without knowing that her health is going down...:( I think, it's good to help others but you have to overdo it. Have a lovely day! Yumi ^^

    1. Oops, I meant you don't have to overdo it *Loll*, sorry XDD Yumi

  2. I'm the stressed person in this relationship and so I do need yoga, meditation, and all that other stuff. I feel like my anxiety is getting worse recently and I really need all the help I can get.