A Fairly Interesting Week

So this week was actually quite interesting for once, so seeing as I actually did things I thought I should share something new with you all. This week involved my last day at work, birthdays, cocktails and Avengers. Where shall I start?...

Monday was my last day at work and although I didn't feel sad on the weeks leading up because I had only been there 7 months, I was actually quite upset on my last day. Everybody at work were so lovely and wished me farewell with some lovely gifts - some gift cards, a note book and a gorgeous bouquet of tulips, which for the record are definitely my favourite flowers. 

I got to spend a lot of time with Ellis this week, which was lovely. He stayed at my house every single night from Monday - Thursday and it was nice to have great company for so long! 

Tuesday was my best friend, Rachel's, birthday. After a delicious hot dog, we spent a while sipping cocktails at Frankie and Bennies and enjoyed some scrummy desserts too. I opted for a Strawberry Daquiri whilst Rachel went for the Blueberry Pina Colada. I also had a mojito but gave that to Rachel as it just basically tasted of mint and nothing else...sadly nothing like the ones I had in Lanzarote! For dessert I was greedy and went for a Chocolate and Honeycomb Waffle...what can I say, when Honeycomb calls me I can't say no! Rachel was healthy and went for a Mango sorbet. 

It was also my Grandad's birthday so around 5ish my sister, my niece and I went over to see him, accompanied with a rather large Millie's Cookie with his name on it. My aunty and my mum was there to and I ended up going with my mum to get weighed at her slimming world session and she smashed it this week...3 pounds off! 

I had a rather lazy day on Wednesday, catching up on Geordie Shore with Ellis. We then helped my dad out and did the food shopping for him and took some parcels to the post office. We definitely also stopped by at McDonalds for some very bad food. 
When we got home I helped my dad with his University work. He does Cartoon and Comic Art and he is very, very good! He needed me to sit with him for an hour and take a picture of him drawing a piece of work every 30 seconds for that hour...surprisingly it went quite fast and the outcome was great! 

On Thursday was my dad's birthday. As he is a huge Marvel fan his birthday was quite marvel-ous! HA, what a great pun Jen. I bought him a Marvel duvet set which he was very very happy with! He had university in the morning so me and Ellis spent the morning...doing absolutely nothing. We then met my dad in Manchester just after lunch and went to this brilliant burger place called Handmade Burger Co. It's on Deansgate and it was great, from the service to the food - I couldn't fault it. It's also reasonably priced and they don't add stupid amounts of money to the bill for a service charge which is great. 

In the afternoon we headed back to Bury and went to the 4.45 showing of Avengers Age of Ultron, which was brilliant. Having a dad that lives and breathes comics really does get you to love superhero films more than the average 18 year old girl usually would. We then headed home and sung happy birthday to my dad and ate cake and drank tea and then went to bed as we were all very stuffed. 

Today is Friday and Ellis has gone home. I spent the day watching Keeping Up With Kardashians and writing a to-do list that I have yet to start actually "doing". I'm going to my mum's this evening and expect to see a lot of my family over the weekend. I currently am quite poor and have a lot of things I need to buy so I am rummaging around my room looking for things to sell on Ebay...if anybody is interested in some prom shoes, an instax camera or some dresses, holla at me! 

I'd love to know what your week consisted of? I am used to working full-time now so being able to spend my week doing really cool stuff is great, however I do need to earn some money ASAP so I can continue doing cool stuff...I wish money grew on trees. That would be good. 


Jennie Wren x 

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  1. oh my gosh those flowers look so beautiful!!