7 Bad Things About Growing Up

If I could tell my thirteen-year old self to shut up when she would say she couldn't wait to grow up I would. Growing up is so much different to what you would expect it to be. It is full of some of the most confusing predicaments, decisions and emotions that you could possibly face. If you asked me a year ago if I felt old I would say no-way hosay, but after turning eighteen and having my first actual full-time job I feel like I'm growing up and not everything about being an adult is hunky-dory. 

1) Money is a problem
When you get your first job and you can actually pay for anything you want it's great. No more "Dad can I have some money so I can go and waste it on a McDonalds?" - you can actually go to McDonalds, buy yourself a large meal and enjoy it knowing nobody is going to be annoyed at you for wasting your money on rubbish. However, when you leave your job, find yourself with not much money in the bank and you can't find another job, money is a little bit of an issue. You feel too old and too embarrassed to go and lend some money from your parents and to be pretty honest, they probably wouldn't give it you anyway. Now the exciting and wonderful lifestyle you had as a working woman is now destroyed and you feel like the poorest of the peasants with no hope for the future. 

2) Long hours 
Getting a job sounds like all fun and games but compare it to going to school or college and it's actually a lot more tiring than you expect it to be. Were you tired after your second lesson even though you finished at 2? Well, try leaving the house at 7.30am and not getting back until nearly 12 hours later. When you start growing up you start to understand why your mum can't stay awake through Gogglebox on a Friday night and why your Dad is grouchy when he gets in. Having a job is ten times more tiring than being at school. 

3) You have to have grown-up conversations
I considered myself to be a child until my mum started speaking to me like I was her friend and now I feel like an adult. Although I enjoy having grown up talks and getting to know my parents a lot more, I do feel old now. 

4) You start to dislike the place you live
When you're young you look at your home town and think it's a brilliant place to be and you're so glad you grew up there. When you embark on adulthood that all changes. You start to realise there is a big wide world out there and you're only getting older so you spend your time daydreaming about jetting off across the world when in reality the only way you're going to be able to do that is having more than £7.91 in your bank account. 

5) You want a Pinterest lifestyle 
Hands up if you spend your life on Pinterest and Instagram, stalking other peoples beautiful homes and wishing you had one too? *Raises hand* I do this that much that I could actually have a Pinterest lifestyle in all that time! 

6) You have to do grown up things
Who else gets anxious when thinking about having to make a doctors appointment? Who made it a rule that as soon as you turn 18 your parents abandon you to do these tasks on your own? Making appointments is one of my least favourite tasks and going to appointments on my own is even worse! Then there's also going to job interviews, buying your own alcohol, ordering your own takeaways. Surely parents were invented to do these tasks for you? 

7) The thought of having to take care of yourself scares you
I always go on about how much I want my own house, car and dog to look after but the thing that puts me off is that I'd have to deal with it all myself. Did we get lessons on renting, paying bills, budgeting, voting in the election, cooking simple, cheap meals and getting car insurance when we were at school? Did we heck. I've started to realise that although I enjoyed learning Shakespeare's classic plays, where has that got me so far? No where! All those lessons of acting out A Midsummer's Nights Dream could have been spent teaching me about how to...LIVE. 

This post comes after a long afternoon of feeling poor and confused about my ambitions in life. Hopefully growing up won't be so rubbish and terrifying as it seems at this present moment. 


Jennie Wren x 


  1. The Pinterest one is so on point. I'm always pinning interior design and homeware links. Things I will probably never be able to afford... But it's nice to dream I can, right?

    Such a fun post!!

    1. Also, with fun I mean original :)

  2. I totally agree with each and every one of those points.. Growing up isn't as fun coz it feels like you're losing that sense of simplicity and peace of mind. But hey, we can't stop time, so we might as well make the best of it!


  3. I agree with every single one of these! Especially the saying awake on a friday night haha! However, there are perks to growing up too, such as no longer caring what people think of you, actually having money, and loving independence. Pros and cons to everything ;) xxx

    Sam | Samantha Betteridge

  4. I will never feel like a proper adult! :( There's just sooo much to learn.