3 Tips For Living Between Homes

This weekend I had to travel to my mums with my fabulous Tripp suitcase packed with essential items to last me the week. My mum and dad haven't been together for eleven years (maybe more!) and for all that time I have lived between two homes, my dad's throughout the week and my mum's during the weekend and now because I have a boyfriend I live at his a few days too so my whole life is practically living out of a bag. Throughout the last eleven years I have managed to get my "living out of a bag" essentials bang on so if you live between homes, whether you're parents don't live together, or you go to a boarding school, you spend some days with your partner here are some tips for you.

1. Have a big, easy carry bag
In all honesty, I have not actually taken on this tip recently. I usually stay at my mums on a Thursday and Friday night so I go to hers straight from hers so I just stuff everything into my work bag. It has worked well but I've found I've had to take an extra carrier bag with my clothes in or something along those lines. This weekend I have found that my Tripp cabin case has worked a treat. It has enough space to carry a few days worth of clothing as well as other essentials that I may need. 

2. Don't duplicate your items 
Think about what you really need to bring with you. I make sure that I already have things like a toothbrush, deodorant and underwear at my mums and Ellis' so that I don't have to carry them with me. When it comes to shampoo, conditioner and toothpaste; I just use whatever is at their houses because they usually work for me but that's personal preference. 

3. Take everything you need
You may find it difficult to not pack everything but the kitchen sink when you live between houses but you will probably find a lot of these things are a waste bringing because you won't actually use them. Do you really need to bring your laptop? Or could you get your Netflix and Blog fix on a tablet which is much lighter and smaller! Do you really need to pack every skincare item you own or can you minimise it down a little? I am an extremely naughty blogger (please don't shout) and tend to just pack some make up wipes. Do you really plan on straightening your hair at the weekend or can you manage with it natural? I've realised that I would rather have a few waves in my hair rather than having a poor shoulder from lugging too much stuff with me everywhere. Think about it carefully. 

I do hope these tips come in useful to somebody. I'm sure I will find some more things throughout my time living between homes. 

Lots of Love
Jen xo 


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