I Sat By The Ocean

On February 22nd 2015, myself and Ellis woke up at around 4am and embarked on our latest adventure. Our first holiday abroad, our first time on a plane together and we both hadn't flown for around 10 years. 

Stress and anxiety overwhelmed me that morning. What if security found something in our cases? What if our cases weighed over the limit? What if we missed the plane? Lost the boarding passes or passports? Lost our money? Got on the wrong plane and ended up in Australia? Well none of these things happened and the stress and anxiety was totally irrelevant. It was actually very stress free and none to blow my own trumpet but I did a fabulous job being in charge (much to Ellis' dismay). 

I was slightly apprehensive about flying for the first time since I was eight and also being without my mum/dad on the plane but I actually loved flying, even taking off! I loved the rush of adrenaline as we sped up and then lifted up into the sky. I loved looking down at the world and it being so small. I loved being in the sky, it was so peaceful and we had barely any turbulence. 

We stayed in a gorgeous hotel with a large terrace and a beautiful view of the ocean. The bed was so huge, big enough that me and Ellis failed to cuddle most nights because there was so much space. Although the room was gorgeous we barely spent any time in our hotel, using the facilities as we wanted to spend time with my family in my mums hotel as they weren't strict at all (compared to ours). 

There was three things I wanted to do on the holiday and that was to swim in the sea, to go into a pool and to sing on the karaoke - and I achieved them all! 
On the second or third day me and Ellis just grew a pair and just ran into the sea and completely loved every moment of it. It was freezing at first but we got used to it. At one point we were the only ones in the sea but it was amazing! 
On our final full day we all met at my mums hotel and went into the pool - that was freezing too but we loved it! We even got my mum in which was an achievement in itself. 
On the last night we went to a cocktail bar which was known for karaoke by the marina and we enjoyed some delicious Mojitos and Daquiris whilst singing our hearts. I requested Let It Go (Frozen) and sang my heart out much to my boyfriends embarrassment! 

Whilst being there we ate lots of ice cream, drank a lot of cocktails - which are very overpriced but tasty, walked a lot and ate a lot! I have got to admit I didn't really enjoy the food there. When I'm away I tend to stick to eating Spaghetti bolognese and I just don't get sick of it but I'm not going to lie - they weren't very good at making it. I realised this after my second Spaghetti bolognese and so on the third night I turned to Tuna which wasn't very nice either and then had steak the last night which I couldn't eat as they didn't cook it well done like I asked and there was blood coming out of it...yuck! I might have to make my own food next time we visit! 

I thoroughly enjoyed the holiday. I loved spending time with my boyfriend, my mum, sister, niece and everybody else that was there. It may have had it's down sides such as my sister getting tonsillitis and it being very, very windy but I would definitely go again! 

Do you enjoy beach holidays? Where would you recommend? 

Lots of Love
Jen xo 


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