Hope For March

When I entered 2015 I really thought that things would turn up for my family. I thought that everything would go right for once and we could enjoy the year well. I usually enjoy January/February as it signifies a new start and a fresh attitude, but unfortunately life just doesn't want to work with you sometimes and some unfortunate events happen that slow down your path to happiness (yes, I'm going super deep).

I started the year uncertain of what I wanted to do regarding my work, I enjoy my job but the travel has become too much in the sense of money and the length it takes me to get to and from work. After telling work that I was going to be looking for a new job I felt like a huge amount of stress had been lifted from me and I thought that it was the start of something new. But I then put a hold on job-hunting and still had to travel for most of my day so I then felt like I was back to square one.

Late January, some unfortunate events happened in my family which I won't go into but it caused some stress and sadness and that's never good is it? 

Then in February my mums house got robbed and the disgusting robber stole a lot of stuff - just before we were all due to go on holiday. The robbery actually really affected me and still is affecting me now so I think it's good that I speak about how I'm feeling to get it all off my chest. They never actually stole anything on mine but the thought that a heartless drug addict had been in my house, in my room without any of our permission has traumatized me. It also scares me that on the evening it happened I decided to say to my mum when we met after work "let's go to Asda and get some Ben and Jerries" and we ended up being out of the house an hour longer than we usually would be. If we hadn't done that and hadn't met my mum's boyfriend for a lift home we could've been entering that house whilst the robbers were there on our own and god knows what would've happened. I've been scared ever since of just being in my own town. I haven't stayed at her house since as I didn't feel safe and I even feel frightened at my dad's house when I'm on my own so I try and get Ellis to stay with me as much as possible or I stay at his.

Luckily, we went away for a bit after the robbery to Lanzarote which has been a nice refreshing break (more to come about this on a future post). I've (sort of) come back with a fresh mind, reminding myself that the robbery has happened and that it's unlikely we will get robbed again. 

I just hope that March brings something good for us. I would hate to look back at the end of the year and call 2015 one of the worst years of my life so I have hope for success, happiness and luck for the rest of the year. 

I have ordered myself some goodies to get me into a decent start for the month. I ordered a Starbucks Sippy Cup for work so that I can drink more water bringing my energy levels a little higher as I'd been pretty tired whilst at work before I went away. I've also bought some office goodies to make my desk a little bit brighter to cheer me up about being back at work. I have been discussing with my dad about our house (we're unhappy here now) and we want to sort it out so we can sell it and move out by the end of the year - fingers crossed. A new house would also come with a dog, which would absolutely make me so, so, so happy! I'm also going to get myself on track with my finances - as I get paid weekly I'm going to give myself something to invest in each week so that I have something to look forward to buying and not spend all my money on McDonalds. This week I'm going to upgrade my phone hopefully and get myself the Iphone 6 (yay!). I am also saving for my weekend in London when we go and see the Foo Fighters, my week in Brighton after Ellis' birthday, Leeds Festival, a week in Portugal in September and a few days in Amsterdam for mine and Ellis' anniversary. Me and Ellis realised we really enjoy travelling together so saving for these opportunities will definitely lift the happiness levels. I will be slowly, but surely, searching for a new job but I won't be leaving my current job until I've found something I really love. I have bought myself a new book called Saving Grace by Jane Green (I think) and I am enjoying it so far and hope to get myself into reading more and more over the year. 

So, let's hope for March. How has your year been so far? What have you got to look forward to this year? 

Lots of Love
Jen xo


  1. I'm sorry you had to experience that. I hope it won't happen again, and I'm glad you all were safe. I hope you get your iPhone 6 soon! It's absolutely amazing! I use it as my camera now besides my Canon :)


  2. That's terrible to hear, why do people have to do such things? Glad to hear you still enjoyed your holiday and ooo have fun seeing the Foo Fighters : )


  3. Oh goodness, not a good couple of months, hopefully it's onwards and upwards from now on. Wishing you look with the job search. I changed jobs recently and filling in applications etc felt like it took forever, but it'll be worth it in the end.

    Amy at Amy & More