Dear Women #InternationalWomensDay

(Sorry for the tea stain)
As today marks International Women's Day I thought it would be a great and very appropriate time to post this. I wanted to send out a message to all the women and girls in my life and beyond that I think is important for them to know and understand. 

You do not need a man to be strong.

I must admit as a younger teen I thought that having a boyfriend would be the only way to happiness as all my friends had got into relationships and seemed very happy, and even when I started my relationship with Ellis I thought that being with him is the only way for my life to be happy, but then I sort of matured and realised there is so much more that adds to it as well. 

Writing my blog has opened me up to this entire new world. I have worked as hard as I possibly could in the past year to build it, create content, network with others, make friends and market it. It, of course, is no where near as well-established as a huge minority of blogs out there but I am so proud of it and I will make it grow even more. 

Last year I got into an apprenticeship that was really hard to get into. I got myself a brilliant job out of it and started making my own money. I was able to treat myself to things I was unable to get prior to getting the job and it felt great knowing I had worked extremely hard for it. 

I have built up my confidence so much in the past year, made new friends and tried new things. Achieving things is a brilliant key to happiness. 

Being in a relationship is a beautiful thing but I do not choose to be with my boyfriend to add to my strength, I choose to be with him because he makes me laugh, he cares about me and he is an amazing human-being. Yes, he does make me feel more confident when I feel down and he compliments me but I do not rely on this because I have my own achievements to make myself strong.

To my mum, my sisters and my nieces, my best friend and all the other women out there - don't rely on a man to make you strong. Each one of you have amazing attributes that will make you strong. Whether it's bringing up beautiful children, having skills in baking or styling or being can all make it. 
Don't let a man weaken you. 

Lots of Love
Jen xo


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