Although we are almost four months into the year I am only just beginning to feel like 2015 is starting for me. 
I had a pretty rubbish start to this year if I'm honest, personal problems, being ill for the majority of it and my house getting robbed. We did head to Lanzarote for a much needed and wonderful break but I just feel like now is the time that my year is starting. 

My Job
I made the decision to leave my job and from 20th April I will be jobless and poor, however I don't feel scared or sad about it. I did enjoy my work but the travel was making me ill and very down and it just wasn't healthy anymore. I am excited to be free from those horrible commutes in three weeks time and I am excited for everything to come after I leave. 
I hope to focus more on my blog, get a great design going and a more efficient website working. I hope to get another job that will help me fund everything I need but that doesn't take up too much of my time. 

House Renovation
I have made it no secret that my house is pretty cluttered and a bit of a mess if I'm honest. When I finish my job I am taking the house under my wing and I will be starting to clear it out and make it look all fresh and homely! I live with my dad and we hope to move to a new house and as I mentioned in my Hope for March post I will hopefully be getting a dog when we move because we'll have a garden for it to play in! 

Dream Concert
At the end of June I am seeing my absolute favourite band in the world, Foo Fighters, live at Wembley! I couldn't be more excited for it. We are staying in London for the whole weekend so it really will be a great time! 

My Boyfriend Joining Adulthood
As Ellis is the person I spend most of my time with I'm so excited for him to be 18. He isn't sure how he wants to celebrate it but I'm so excited to be able to go for cocktails and all that jazz with him. We do love a good cocktail as we discovered in Lanzarote so I am very excited to find Manchester's best cocktail bars with him. If anyone can recommend any that would be great! 

A few weeks after Ellis turns eighteen we are going to Brighton with my dad for a week! I am so excited as when I took Ellis to Brighton in  December we didn't quite have enough time to see it all and the weather was rubbish so I'm excited to show him Brighton in all it's sunny glory! 

Leeds Festival
Me and Ellis have um'd and ar'd about Leeds this year for ages but I definitely think we will still be going as it's pretty much a tradition now! We are really excited to see Metallica, Royal Blood and Bring Me The Horizon but we are pretty disappointed by a lot of the other artists. It will still be an awesome weekend with my absolute favourite person! 

Birthday Celebrations
I have no idea what I'll do for my 19th birthday but I hope to celebrate it well! I love my birthday because I get to surround myself with everybody I love! 

Me and Ellis hope to celebrate our third anniversary in Amsterdam in December and I am very excited. We have discovered that we both love travelling together so I am really looking forward to see more of the world with him! 

How has 2015 treated you so far? Are you excited for anything to come this year? 

Lots of Love
Jen xo 


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