What I got for Christmas 2014

So I have finally decided to write my "What I got for Christmas" post. Little disclaimer, I am not bragging. Disclaimer done, I won't ramble. I nearly didn't do this post as I thought I'd have nothing to show because I'm already using everything but I waved my magic wand and abracadabra here is the post! 

Off my Mother and her other-half, Stanley, I received some wonderful gifts. Each one (bought by my mum) were picked perfectly. She bought me this duck-egg blue blanket for my bed that I had seen in Debenhams and loved straight away. She knew I wanted a dressing gown so bought me this one but I have no idea where it's from so I apologise sincerely! The cushion was my favourite present from her. It has a french bull dog (I think) on it which is my favourite dog and it has additions of Mint Green - my favourite colour, so it is now the perfect addition to my bed. She then knew I wanted a mug for work that would be mine so she bought me this one from Debenhams which came with a little coaster too. I think you can tell my mum knows I love French bull dogs! She also bought me this blue jumper from Dorothy Perkins that I picked out myself. It's my new favourite jumper! 

She also very kindly got me the Ciate Advent Calendar because I didn't actually have one for the whole of December and she knew how much I wanted it. It's literally the best nail set ever, full of gorgeous Christmassy colours. 

I knew what my dad had bought me, minus a couple of surprises. He kindly surprised me with an Olaf teddy which I had been wanted forever practically! I gave him a list of books for him to get me. Nourish is a great book, it's beautifully designed and full of great ways to add or change your lifestyle to have a better well-being. I haven't read it yet but of course I asked for Girl Online by Zoe Sugg. Please refrain from saying "but it's ghostwritten" - I love Zoella and will support anything so there's no point making the comment really. Don't Sweat the Small Stuff is a dainty book that is basically a way to stop me getting stressed about the little things. I haven't read much of it so far but the stuff I have read have been great. The Mindfulness Journal is brilliant, I am a quarter of the way through and it has really helped me become less anxious. May The Thoughts Be With You is a great book if you need something to lighten your day when it's pretty poo - it gives you a positive quote plus a cute illustration for when you're down in the dumps or just need a boost of inspiration. He also bought me a Lush gift set but I have already used them so that's impossible to show. 

And here's probably the best gift. From my absolutely fabulous boyfriend (who very-nearly kept it for himself) I received my first ever vinyl record by my favourite band Foo Fighters - Sonic Highways. It is perfect. And it was bought in Brighton - even better! 

From Ellis' lovely parents I got a Ralph Lauren perfume set and a nspa nail set that came with a gorgeous smelling hand cream and a much needed nail file! 
From my Auntie Jackie & Uncle Mike I received the Tanya Burr Classic Nail set which I adore! From my Auntie Anna I received this cute diary that will be getting lots of use this year! From my Dad's friend I got the Frozen CD (eep!) and from work I received the Frozen DVD (Eeeeeeep!) From my Nonna & Nonno I received a English Tea Shop Winter Tea collection which can not be shown as they are in use! 

What did you get for Christmas? I felt super lucky this year as I received so many surprises! 

Lots of Love
Jen xo


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