Sit Down, It's Sunday #1 - Job Interviews & Snow

A long, long time ago (August 2014) I did have a series on JennieWren3, "The Sunday Synopsis", where I did an overview of my entire week and gave myself some tips for the next week. I've decided on a new series to begin right now "Sit Down, It's Sunday" - Sunday is a day of relaxation and just general chilling so grab yourself a cuppa' and I'll tell you about my week. 

Monday, as always, I went for a day at work. I'm actually really enjoying work at the minute and I like keeping myself busy there. I've recently grown a love for the sandwich shop near work and their cream cheese and ham bagels, so I generally went there most days last week. After work I met Ellis in Bury and we went back to mine for some lovely pasta! 

On Tuesday I had a job interview to be a content creator at a fashion brand a lot closer to my home than my current job. Although I initially wanted the job I came out of it quite disappointed and less exciting about the prospects of it. I then got to work from home for the rest of the day which was quite nice as I got to catch up on Celebrity Big Brother whilst I did my work, but I did feel quite lonely too. I did get to go and see my fabulous sisters and my nephew and nieces that evening which was lovely as I'd missed them and they always put a smile on my face. I then stayed at my mum's house and had our traditional catch-up chats that last half of the night! 

Wednesday was quite sad. My dad ended up hurting his back really bad and couldn't move at all so I had to go and get him some food after work. Ellis was supposed to stay over but he couldn't find travel arrangements to get to my house so I told him he didn't need to. 

Thursday was my mum and sister, Kimmy's, birthday. My mum turned 51 and Kimmy turned 27 and it was so nice to celebrate with them. We only had a small get-together at Kimmy's house but they were both so overwhelmed with what we had bought them. My sisters and I treated my mum to a new handbag that matched her new coat, a MAC lipstick which we knew she would adore, some of her favourite Lindt chocolates and a bottle of wine. Me and my other sister, Sami, bought Kimmy a "pamper kit" that we curated ourselves. It consisted of a brand new dressing gown, some slippers, a bottle of wine, Lush bath bomb, Lindt chocolates and some face masks and she really loved it. 

On Friday I again went to work. It started off quite badly as my usual bus didn't turn up and so I missed my usual tram and had to get a later one. I then got completely embarrassed by a man on the tram who told me to turn my music down (!) and then I didn't have time to go and get some toast and jam from the cafe next door to work (:()! Luckily my day was actually alright and I kept myself busy at work which is usually my favourite days because I feel productive. After work I met my mum at my sister's work and we had a good ol' chinwag together! We then were naughty and had a takeaway for tea at home (that I definitely regretted). 

On Saturday I spent most of the day at home, responding to emails and all that admin stuff! I then took a trip to Asda, my sisters and the post office with my mum and then got dropped off at Ellis' afterwards. We had a lovely night and ate a lot of Chicken Kievs and then I fell asleep on him! 

Today we relaxed in bed until midday until we finally got our backsides into gear and made our way to the kitchen where I consumed my first hot cross bun of the year! We then spent a lot of time listening to Enter Shikari and then Ellis walked me to the nearest bus station (25 minute walk away) and I left to go food shopping for my dad. When I got to Tesco I spent a lot of time browsing and ended up buying more than I was meant to - who can resist Nutella and strawberries? Not me. Now I'm home and I'm attempting to be productive and get some blog posts written before I have a bath later. 

Next week I plan to...
Drink more water - I've bought a litre bottle so I can attempt to track how much I'm drinking and drink more of it. 
Save more money - I'm going to be making my own lunches as opposed to eating out everyday so I won't have to spend £5 everyday on food. 
Be healthier - I just want to get back into my smoothie routine so that I can just feel more healthier in general and also cut out the takeaways

How was your week? 

Lots of Love
Jen xo 

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