Two Years Ago

Two years ago was the day my (now) boyfriend asked me to "go out with him", my reply was "where to?", he said "oh it doesn't matter" (clearly feeling embarrassed that I didn't understand the question) so I said "no, go on" and that's when he asked me to be his girlfriend. After only knowing him for a day and meeting him whilst being quite drunk, I went for it and said yes - thinking he'd probably dump my sixteen year old character after a few days. 

Two years on and we're still here. Still together and still enjoying every part of each others world. I am a firm believer that in life you have a soul mate and I honestly believe I've met mine. Please don't mock me for being eighteen and saying that but it's quite simply true.

Fate completely brought us together. I admire that we met at a party and we connected instantly. He was a gentleman straight away, he cared about me instantly ensuring I got home safe and I fell for him instantly. 

When you're sixteen you tend to have a "dream boyfriend". Well mine was somebody that was musically talented, preferably a drummer as I liked a lot of drummers (Dave Grohl, Travis Barker). Somebody that had a nice beard and liked tattoos - looked like a rock star. Somebody that was funny. Somebody that genuinely wanted to be around me. Somebody that was loving and protective and cared about me. 

Well Ellis ticked all of the boxes - he is a drummer, he gets a great beard going (and then shaves it off but I don't mind), he has an awesome tattoo on his lovely arm, he makes me laugh pretty much every time I speak to him, he spends so much of his time with me and enjoys it and he loves me and protects me. 

I can't quite thank somebody so much for everything he has done for me in the past two years. He has not only helped me through tough times but he has opened me up to a whole new world. He has helped me bring out my true colours and become so much more happier. 

I am so pleased with every single memory that we have created since December 15th 2012 and I am so excited to make so many more in the years to come.

As this post is shared, we will be on our way home from Brighton. I wanted to show him a place that I loved and share it with him. 

lots of love
Jen xo 


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