It's O.K (And Cool) To Not Love Booze

I turned eighteen this year and apparently that means I should be partying and getting absolutely wasted but to be honest I'd rather watch Gogglebox and have a brew instead. 

When I log into Facebook, all I see is pictures of girls my age out, looking extremely drunk and part of me thinks "should I be wanting to do that?" and another part answers "no". 

I have had good and bad experiences with alcohol. I went through that high school phase from 14-16 of going to parties and underage drinking and what-not and I loved how alcohol gave me this brand new persona where I was very confident. However, I have now realised that's pretty bad seeing as it just led me to be way-more socially awkward as I was always afraid I wasn't as fun as my drunk persona. 

Now I am eighteen I have realised that alcohol just is not for me. I am not one for going out every weekend and getting wasted. I am Five ft One and a glass of wine can send me quite merry, not to mention the throwing up and the hangover that occurs the next day. 

It just doesn't seem too fun anymore and I feel quite proud when I can do something like a party without touching alcohol, waking up the next day feeling awesome and remembering everything that happened the previous night. 

I just wanted to write this to say: being eighteen doesn't mean you have to be on the booze craze, in fact I think it's pretty cool not to be. It saves so much money too - always a win, win. 

But just because I'm not on the booze craze does that mean I'm not drinking alcohol full stop? No, of course not. I will still have a beer now and again with the boyfriend and on New Years Eve I do expect to have a few glasses of wine but the fact I don't drink every weekend like a lot of people I know makes me quite happy.

Do you enjoy booze? Share your thoughts below! 

lots of love
Jen xo


  1. I was the same in 6th form and always drank at parties. But i've never been one to drink at home, I only really drink if I am out with my friends which nowadays is hardly ever. I only really drink to loosen myself up and because that's just what you do on a night out. As for having a night out, I had my work Christmas do last week, but the last time i'd been out before that was in August for my birthday! I am a lot older than you though, that's my excuse lol!! x

    Amy at Amy & More

    1. Haha! I totally agree that alcohol is a great way to loosen up. I tested drinking over the festive period and the outcome was that on Christmas day I ended up drinking lemon water all day ha! On New Years Eve I drank a little more but ended up having a cup of tea to bring in the New Year so I still don't think I've got any more of a bigger drinker! Happy New Year! xx