How To Show Negativity The Door

2014 has been the year I have not given a flying feathered goose what people think of me. I think going to a high school full of girls that just constantly judged and then going to a college that made me feel like crap has made me just start banishing everybody's negative comments. 

I wrote a blog so that gives people the right to bitch about it. Laugh about it because it's super personal and pretty cheesy. Little do they know that my blog has actually been pretty successful so far and it has opened me into a whole new world full of wonderful people. I left college to do an apprenticeship in Social Media so a lot people told me I was ruining my future and I won't get anywhere. Well I'm pretty sure that I'm doing pretty well so far, working in an industry that I absolutely love and am pretty good at, earning a decent wage, learning so much about the industry and meeting awesome people! 

When you're a teen it is super easy to go into deep sadness from other people's opinions but why should you actually care what they think? I am a believer in "you should do what makes you happy not what's good for you". Life is about making mistakes and learning from them. I have made countless mistakes and they have just made me grow as a person and made me 10 times stronger. 

It's so easy for me to say "banish negativity" but it's quite hard to actually do. 

My first tip would be let it go, yes the title of one of my favourite songs but also a fantastic phrase. Did you get into an argument with your boyfriend because he did something you're not too keen on? Let it go. Has someone you were once close to turned into a cow and you're finding it hard to not say something nasty back to her? Just let it go. Be the better person, trust me it is great for the soul knowing that you're getting on, happy with your life, whilst somebody else is spending their life focusing on trying to make yours crap. Don't rise to it. 

Focus on good, not bad - Did you mess up at work and scared of what you're boss may say? Just apologise and learn from your mistake. Your boss will see that you are genuinely sorry and that you did it by accident and it won't be as bad as if you let it just go by without saying anything. Is everything just going quite crappy in your life at the moment? Focus on the small things - drink a fancy hot chocolate, light a candle, read a new book, watch one of your favourite films, have a relaxing bath, paint your list is endless. The small things are my favourite things to enjoy.

Have a goal and reach it - having something exciting is a great way to just banish the bad things. Starting up a project? You have no time for people's negativity - get rid of it as quick as you can! Having something to work on focuses your mind on exciting things rather than the negative aspects around it. 

Do you have any tips on getting negativity out of your life? 

lots of love

Jen xo


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