Getting Healthier

Getting healthier in December isn't really the greatest idea seeing as there is so much amazing food that will be shoved in my face throughout this "health kick", however I feel like it's a good time for me to begin this. 

As I've probably mentioned a billion times in my blog, Twitter posts and wherever else you may find me I have been quite ill for the past few months and it's pretty rubbish if I'm honest, especially when I just want to be super duper happy and festive (it's meant to be my favourite time of year after all?) 

Feeling so ill has seriously made me not enjoy Christmas time this year as much as I had hoped and with the best day ever only a few weeks away I want to make sure I am in good health and mind for the day so that I can be happy and well, not ill. 

To be honest, I'm not exactly the worst when it comes to junk food anymore. I used to be really bad but now I'm not too bad. Chocolate doesn't really appeal to me too much - it just makes me feel sick quickly and goes straight through me (maybe a bit T.M.I?) I am not a huge fan of takeaways; I instantly regret them and don't tend to eat my entire meal anyway because it just makes me feel bloated and "yukky". 

I went through this awesome phase in the Summer where I was working out, eating healthier and had such a positive mind. I felt strong and just really smiley constantly and that's so rare for me now-a-days. 

I think a lot of people mistake "getting healthier" as 'oh I want to lose tonnes of weight' and then I get a lot of stick because I'm not over-weight anyway but just to clarify - I am not doing this to lose weight. I want my body to feel fresh inside, I want my skin to be clearer, I want to feel less weezy, less tired and so much more energetic without the need of coffee. I want to feel strong and in no-way weak anymore...I am tired from walking up a staircase. 

The picture above is all of the above items I have bought to start my healthier journey. For breakfast I plan to have the granola with either strawberries or bananas and one of the flavoured (cherry/strawberry) Olken yoghurt poured over it. For my lunch at work I am going to have a soup and roll every single day because I genuinely enjoy eating soup! And for dinner? I will stick to the meals I usually have. I can not resist my dad's roast dinners or my mum's tuna pasta. 

Have you tried getting healthier in the Festive season? Share some of your tips below! 

lots of love
Jen xo


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