Enjoying Christmas As An Adult (It Is Possible)

How unfortunate that I am now a-o.k to write this post. I am now eighteen and in this land it means I am an adult (scary...I still have no I.D though so who would've guessed?)

Christmas is my absolute favourite holiday in the whole list of holidays - I don't think there is many holidays anyway but Christmas would still be top if there was actually tonnes. 

I have noticed that my sisters who are in their late 20s, my parents and a lot of the adults around me just feel like Christmas is a hyped-up time for spending unnecessary amounts of money. Well it doesn't have to be like that! 

Get crafty and make gifts yourself
Not only does this mean you are saving money but it also will be a little bit of nostalgia to the times when you were a child, making gifts at school for your parents. I absolutely love making presents - although I'm not very good at it, nor have I actually begun making any this year. I plan on making my sisters both gifts that are very personal and very meaningful too. I think that's one of the greatest things about handmade gifts - the thought behind them. 

Christmas-ify your house
Christmas does not have to end with a tree. Put up little ornaments and lights all over yourself. This will not only make your house look awesome but it will make you feel all-round more festive (and more jolly)! 

Get silly
I love being silly and buying awful Christmas jumpers and Christmas pyjama sets. Get into a routine of just lounging about after work in your pyjamas and Christmas jumpers and your Christmas - loving levels will increase greatly. 

Enjoy yourself
Instead of focusing on money, focus Christmas on your family and friends. I love Christmas because I get to spend time with family that I adore and see everyone I love open gifts that I have picked out for them. 

Set yourself a money limit for each person you buy gifts for and stick to it! You can get a lot for as little as £10 - the thought is the best thing about a present, not the price-tag. 

Do you enjoy Christmas as an adult? 

lots of love
Jen xo 


  1. hey this is pretty great. My christmas was wildly boring because it was just my parents and myself, so I'm happy to see this, makes me think I should just change my attitude :)

    1. I think my boyfriend felt similar to how you felt. Do you get on with your parents? Because if you do Christmas could be a wild time! Get out the board games, put on a DVD or dance to silly Christmas music! :) I hope you enjoy your Christmas a little bit more next year! xx